Wow wow wow! As one of the few web and application development companies in our area that actually use card sorting as an exercise for informational architecture, I've been searching (unsuccessfully) for something like this for a LOOONG time. We've previously been using an old IBM Windows app for analysis, but that required making the cards by hand and then entering the data manually to generate the analysis tools. At just a quick glance, this app looks to be an incredible tool that can finally replace the one we've been using. * It provides complete session management and an kiosk-like exercise interface for participants where the can move virtual cards around on a virtual table or organize via an 'outline' mode * Allows you to enter a 'profile' of each participant which users select from when they perform the exercise and can later be filtered against * Exercise mode has password protection to keep participants from exiting the mode Fantastic! All that said, it does have a few things that could be improved: * There's no facailitation to have mulitple participants on separate computers -- ie. there's no way to merge data from seperate installs together. * You can't print out sheets of cards so you still have the option of performing the exercise and entering the data manually. * Control over how the reports and cluster tree is printed is *very* basic and limited * It'd be nice if you could export the distance tables as a spreadsheet (CSV format) and print them * There are a few minor bugs in the app. Definitely worth a try. Hopefully the developer will be open to suggestions and responsive, because I'd really like to see this app grow!

Spectro Xsort Handheld Xrf Analyzer

The new SPECTRO xSORT is designed for high-throughput elemental testing and spectrochemical analysis of a wide range of metals and other materials in the field. Its speed, accuracy and ease of use set new benchmarks for handheld spectrometric performance. XSport® Fitness is one of America’s fastest growing fitness chains, providing our members with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, combined with first class service, quality personal trainers, educational programs, dietary supplements, and the latest in fitness apparel. When the clinical trial of the XSORT method of gender selection is completed, a formal hypothesis test will be conducted with the alternative hypothesis of p 0.5, which corresponds to the claim that the XSORT method increases the likelihood of having a girl, so that the proportion of girls is greater than 0.5.

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