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Workhorse is a technology company focused on providing drone-integrated electric vehicles to the last-mile delivery sector. As an American original equipment manufacturer, we design and build high performance, battery-electric vehicles…. Define workhorse. Workhorse synonyms, workhorse pronunciation, workhorse translation, English dictionary definition of workhorse. Something, such as a machine, that performs dependably under heavy or prolonged use: 'the 50-year-old DC-3. One of aviation's most effective. Thank you for your interest in Workhorse merchandise. Unfortunately, the Corona virus is affecting our stock and ship times. We are doing our best to keep you in Workhorse apparel.

An extremely hard-working and talented group member who carries a team in an academic setting.
You should work with Bob, he's an absolute workhorse
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I've been jabbed
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A dependableperformer; a steady, responsible worker who assumes a heavy workload.
Because the company wasn't making any new sales or delivering any of the existing ones to production, the COO and VP of Support decided to fire the older employees -- the workhorses -- in order to afford raises and bonuses for the younger ones.
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n. (werkhors)
1.A person who does all of the work while every one else slacks off.
2.Any thing used allot for its intended purpose.
1. Joe was out all day making deliveries while everyone was screwing off. He sure is a real work horse.
2. No one likes driving the chevy truck, that makes our ford the work horse.
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One who goes all in at all times.
One who gets the job done at all costs.
One who has the determination and is not afraid to put the team on his back and carry the young ones to the promise land.
Big Veets is always a workhorse when he's on vodka/redbull.
La Placita is the workhorse's stomping ground.
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Extremely powerful well defined legs that extenuateathleticism and genetic prowess.
Tommy has some serious work horses, I bet he could squat an elephant seal.
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A person who performs most of the work of a group task. A very hard working person.
by WHKali May 21, 2020
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Athlete Training In Sussex County- Workhorse Sports Performance. Debookee tools. Get faster, stronger, and more confident with us. Speed, strength, and athletic training

Workhorse News

Sports Performance Training In Sussex County For Athletes

At Workhorse Sports Performance, we specialize in delivering a positive and influential training experience behind proven methods that help enhance speed, strength, agility, conditioning, and much more.

  • WSP has been training youth for 10+ years
  • WSP has trained athletes who have competed in/for U.S. Women's National Team, Canadian National Team, Portuguese National Team, and all Collegiate divisions
  • Certifications including CPR/AED, NASM, NASM(PES), NCCPT, Parisi Level 1 & 2.
  • Programs for in season and out of season
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Groups and privates available
  • WSP administers a Performance Evaluation to detect potential injury
  • WSP's strength program is designed to help with full body strengthening
  • WSP administers a running analysis to break down running mechanics

The most important first step for any athlete considering a performance-training program is to have a full assessment completed by one of our certified WSP Performance coaches.

Workhorse Group


The WSP coach will have the athlete do a warm-up followed by a series of speed, power, and agility tests during which we record times/measurements and analyze functional movement (i.e. squat form, running form, change of direction technique, jumping/landing efficiency, etc.) throughout the session.

Workhorse Group

Check out a few of our videos to learn more about what makes Workhorse great!