Camarillo, CA (October 7, 2020)—SoundTools has introduced its new WallCAT 8, a 2-gang wall plate with four female and four male XLR connectors.

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Wallcat for Windows. Download Latest. @dustin @driskull @singular0. Enjoy a new, beautiful wallpaper, every day. Beta.wall.cat/ Topics. Windows wallpaper dotnet Resources. MIT License Releases 5. Basset Hound Latest Apr 30, 2017 + 4 releases Packages 0. No packages published. Wallcat is a very small Windows application based on the Wallcat OS X app, which is also available as an extension for Chrome. It provides you with a new wallpaper daily, from several online.

The plate utilizes eight connectors, allowing the choice of either input or output across four XLR channels. A pair of RJ45 connections in the back of the plate transmit analog audio, AES3, DMX and interCOM signals to multiple locations with a Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7 cable. All connectors on the WallCAT 8 come pre-installed—ready to go without a need for soldering.

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Noting that “The WallCAT 4, male and female, have been wonderfully popular products for us,” Dave Rat, designer of SoundTools products wondered if the company could fit eight connectors on to a standard 4”x4” wall box plate, and then set out to design it. “The WallCAT 8 is exciting because it allows the same panel to be used as either inputs outputs or any combination,” he says.

As with all SoundTools products, the plate is guaranteed for life by the company’s Happy Human Warranty, he said. “If you need a replacement during the unit’s lifetime, give our team a shout.”

SoundTools • www.soundtools.com


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