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Figure 17.31. Applying example for the Unsharp Mask filter


Voila 3.9.2

  1. History of changes for WinPython-64bit The following changes were made to WinPython-64bit distribution since version Upgraded packages: Nodejs v14.15.0 → v14.16.0 (a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine) npmjs 6.14.8 → 6.14.11 (a package manager for JavaScript).
  2. How install pyaudio in python3.9? C:UsersBaalipip install PyAudio cannot install pyaudio in python3.9 how i do?
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Record, capture, edit images, organize and share anything on your Mac or a web page. Easy-to-use and super handy, Voila is perfect for. Mar 30, 2021 3 9-2 v - E Hardouin. Seasonal debut when 13L last of 13 over 1400m at Chantilly a week ago. Improvement likely second up.

Out-of-focus photographs and most digitized images often need a sharpness correction. This is due to the digitizing process that must chop a color continuum up in points with slightly different colors: elements thinner than sampling frequency will be averaged into an uniform color. So sharp borders are rendered a little blurred. The same phenomenon appears when printing color dots on paper.

Voila 3.9.2 Ve

The Unsharp Mask filter (what an odd name!) sharpens edges of the elements without increasing noise or blemish. It is the king of the sharpen filters.

Voila 3.9.2 Hair


Some imaging devices like digital cameras or scanners offer to sharpen the created images for you. We strongly recommend you disable the sharpening in this devices and use the GIMP filters instead. This way you regain the full control over the sharpening of your images.


Voila 3.9.2 En

To prevent color distortion while sharpening, Decompose your image to HSV and work only on Value. Then Compose the image to HSV. Go to ColorsComponentsDecompose... Make sure the Decompose to Layers box is checked. Choose HSV and click OK. You will get a new grey-level image with three layers, one for Hue, one for Saturation, and one for Value. (Close the original image so you won't get confused). Select the Value layer and apply your sharpening to it. When you are done, with that same layer selected, reverse the process. Go to ColorsComponentsCompose... Again choose HSV and click OK. You will get back your original image except that it will have been sharpened in the Value component.

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