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Vinyl is a staple in most homes. It can be used to hang pictures and makeup shelves and drawers. It can also be used to make decorative pieces that enhance the beauty of your home. Several types of vinyl are available, and some are more durable than others. We reviewed several types of vinyl to determine the best ones on the market. The Vinyl Store Discover a large variety of vinyl records including best sellers, new releases and pre-orders.

Waitinglist Vinyl may refer to:

  • Vinyl group, a class of organic molecules in chemistry
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a particular vinyl polymer
  • Vinyl composition tile, floortiles
  • Vinyl polymer, a group of polymers derived from vinyl monomers
  • Vinyl siding, an outer covering of a house



Vinyl Records

  • Phonograph record, commonly referred to as 'vinyl' because they are made with PVC
  • Vinyl (Dramarama album), 1991
  • Vinyl (William Michael Morgan album), 2016
  • Vinyl (EP), by Dramarama
  • Vinyl Solution, a record label


Vinyl Tile Flooring

  • Vinyl (1965 film), directed by Andy Warhol
  • Vinyl (2000 film), a documentary directed by Alan Zweig
  • Vinyl (2012 film), directed by Sara Sugarman about a 2004 musical hoax involving UK band, The Alarm


  • Vinyl Scratch, a background character in the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • Vinyl (TV series), a 2016 American television series on HBO

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