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Any kind of display can become an interactive whiteboard with a U-Pointer – from a PDP, LCD or Rear Projection TV, to a Projector. By mounting the device on a table, ceiling, or rear projection display you can interact with the PC via the display.

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Upointer Free Download


Photolemur 3. With a 60 frames sample rate, it really does feel like you are using a normal pen to write on a normal board – removing the need for electronic whiteboards. Any additions you make to the document can be used either real time, streamed online, or distributed in computer file format at a later time.

At CeBIT, the manufacturer had set up this device with one positioned with a projector onto the floor and another onto a wall nearby. I will admit, I did have a heart attack when I thought I had stepped onto an expensive capacitive touch panel – but soon realised it was simply a white screen taped to the floor used in conjuction with the capacitive pen and projector.

I can definately imagine using this in a classroom or business meeting – as a great way of demonstrating relationships between variables, creating brainstorms, drawing diagrams, and much more. And the appealing thing is – there is only the cost of the small unit (assuming you have the rest of the necessary equipment available to you) and the fact it appears to be quite portable. This is definately a large advantage over an expensive and bulky electronic whiteboard!


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Upointer 2

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