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Typing Fingers is the best touch typing app. At Typing Fingers, we offer best touch typing apps for kids to learn and improve their typing skills. Available at App store, Mac app store, Google Play and Windows Store. . USING EXTERNAL KEYBOARD RECOMMENDED. CHECK ALSO MAC VERSION OF TYPING FINGERS. Ready for US/EN QWERTY keyboard layout - Typing Fingers uses a completely new approach to teach the efficient touch-typing (ten-fingers) system. It makes typing fun, is interactive and works with modern technologies and a new teaching method. The beautiful design and peaceful music create an amazing. For the school and homeschool plans, there is an admin page which enables parents and teachers to monitor the progress of each student. It might not available on any other typing program. Typesy Homeschool Edition treats typing skills as important as the other school subjects, such as Mathematics, English, and Science.

Before you can become a virtuoso on the piano, you must first be able to play scales without hitting any wrong notes. The same principle applies to mastering the computer keyboard.

Why Accuracy Before Speed?

At the start of the Typing Pal training program, users need to focus on accuracy, not on speed. This is as true for the typist who is in the habit of using just a few fingers as for the beginner who has never typed.

When you take the time to type without making mistakes, your fingers will get used to the correct movements. These motions will be written into your muscle memory. When this memory becomes more developed, it will allow you to type quickly without having to think or to look at the keyboard.


In this way, the total beginner actually has an advantage over the typist who has used an incorrect method for years, as this person will need to reprogram his or her muscle memory. This is why researchers recommend using an established method for learning to type, and starting at a young age.

The Typing Pal Approach

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The Typing Pal program puts a lot of emphasis on accuracy as the basis of the learning approach.

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  1. Accuracy: Your No. 1 Priority — Along with speed, accuracy is the main target you will work towards in the activities under the Learning tab. If you are making a lot of mistakes, lower the target speed so that you can focus on your accuracy.
  2. Gold Stars for Encouragement — To encourage you in developing an accurate typing technique, Typing Pal celebrates your successes with a shower of stars. These activities are marked with a gold star. The larger your collection of gold stars, the greater your keyboard skills!
  3. No Progress Without Perfection — If you type the wrong key by mistake, Typing Pal does not allow you to continue the exercise until you have typed the correct character. This approach contributes to the development of perfect typing accuracy, as well as encouraging you to keep your eyes on the screen.
  4. Deleting Wastes Time — The backspace key is sometimes overused or relied on as a crutch. To avoid developing this bad habit, Typing Pal does not let you use the backspace. Accurate typing is always more efficient than quick correction.

The latest TypeTastic School Edition update is now out with a significant change in the study material. Based on your feedback we have made it easier to understand which units you should assign for each grade level. We added more than 280 new activities for middle & high schools and students will now be taken to a specific theme based on the grade level.

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Hop on the keyboard with the original TypeTastic games and activities to kickstart typing in a colorful environment lead by our friend Roxy the Red Panda. The smallest of students can hear Roxy narrate the activities in units 2 and 3.

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The focus for lower elementary is to learn the key locations and motor skills required later on to type words and sentences. The three units included are perfect for kindergartners to 2nd graders to practice finger movements. The progress is gradual starting from one finger activities to get familiar with the keyboard, find key locations and to practice finger and eye coordination. The first activities are also compatible with a mouse which helps kids to practice mouse usage as well!

Units for lower elementary:
Unit 1: My Keyboard Adventure
Unit 2: All Fingers Aboard
Unit 3: Ready, Set, Type! Jr

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All fingers aboard! Upper elementary students embark on an exciting island adventure through under-water reefs, serene beaches, dense rainforests, and rippling waterfalls. These six units challenge kids to learn the fundamentals of typing. The original FingerPaths keyboard helps young students to visualize key locations and finger movements.

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Gradual progress is present in upper elementary units as well with each lesson starting with a leisurely activity. Students are then moving on to type words, sentences and paragraphs. At the end of each lesson is a Skills Test which gives a benchmark in each lesson to track the students’ progress.

Units for upper elementary:
Unit 2: All Fingers Aboard
Unit 4: Ready, Set, Type!
Unit 5: Full Speed Ahead
Unit 6: Catch Those Numbers
Unit 7: The Secret of Symbols
Unit 8: Know Your Numpad

Dig deeper into the secrets of fluent typing! We present six new units for middle & high school students with a streamlined blue theme. These units challenge students with complex words, build up their typing speed and help discover numbers and symbols. Varying activities are designed to support learning every step of the way. The new courses will undoubtedly help students become keyboarding champions. The older students will also benefit from customized typing tests that we recommend to be used as a benchmark for example at the beginning and the end of every unit.

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Units for middle & high schools:
Unit 9: Motor Skills
Unit 10: Touch Typing
Unit 11: Speed Building
Unit 12: Number Row
Unit 13: Symbols
Unit 14: Numpad