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[] London, United Kingdom - To help Apple iBook users enjoy DRM-ed iBooks on any popular eReader, TunesKit Studio today is proud to announce the release of iBook Copy for Mac, a professional yet easy-to-use solution to permanently remove the DRM lock from protected iBook ePub files. With this smart tool, you can legally get rid of DRM protection from iBooks with 30x faster speed and 100% preserved quality.
  1. So, if you have DRM protected iBooks, you can remove the right first before opening iBooks on PC. Right-click iBook in iTunes, tap Get Info, and click File to check whether you have DRM protected iBooks. If there're any, you can use DRM removal software such as Requiem, TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac, or other apps to get rid of the DRM protection.
  2. Ibook Copy 2.1.3 Software Hardware monitor 5.54 full screen. TunesKit iBook Copy is a unique iBook DRM removal tool in the market, TunesKit iBook Copy can easily remove DRM protection from Apple iBooks and copy DRM protected iBooks to DRM free ePub files with 1:1 ratio quality.
Many eBook lovers who like to buy eBooks from iBook store (or iTunes) would find it's no easy job to put purchased iBook ePub files onto non-Apple e-Readers for reading because of the DRM protection locked to the iBooks by Apple. But since more people are fond of using Kindle, Nook tablets rather than iOS devices for eBook reading, it's urgent to find out an effective solution to remove the DRM restriction from iBooks for good.Tuneskit ibook copy for mac

TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac should be the best and unique iBook DRM removal mac tool in the market. It helps us decrypt iBook DRM protection with one click.

Based on continuous customer-oriented research and development, TunesKit Studio officially introduced a new iBook DRM removal product, the iBook Copy for Mac, to its featured DRM media converter family. With this new iBook DRM remover, iBook readers would be easily to bypass the DRM from any iBook file they purchased from iBook store so as to read the iBook ePubs on Kindle, Nook, Playbook, and other eBook reading devices.
As the first iBook DRM removal tool released in the market, TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac is able to make nearlylossless copy of the DRM-ed iBook ePub files to DRM-free eBooks with all original meta info retained, including the book author, cover photo, publisher, data, etc. Like TunesKit's other top-selling DRM removal software, this newly launched iBook Copy for Mac also adopts an innovative DRM decrypting core which makes it work at 30X super fast speed when stripping off the DRM from the protected iBook purchases.
Currently this smart iBook DRM Copy is only available for Mac and fully compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.11 EI Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion and the latest iTunes 12.3. Windows users may have to wait for sometime before the Windows version of TunesKit iBook Copy is finally released to the world.

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lKey Features

lSystem Requirements

Installation & Registration

lInstall TunesKit iBookCopy for Mac

lRegister TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac


lMain Interface

lAdd iBooks Window

lCopying iBookInterface


lImport iBooks

Tuneskit ibook copy for windows

lCopy iBooks to DRMfree ePub files

Support & Purchase

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lKey Features


Thanks for choosing TunesKit iBook Copy forMac!

TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac is smart andprofessional iBook DRM removal software for Mac. It can actually remove DRMprotection from iTunes iBooks and copy protected iBooks to DRM free ePub files.It's worth to mention that thisiBook Copy application can remove DRM from iBooks at 30x faster speed and keepthe iBook meta information including author, publisher, cover and release datanearly 100%.

üRemove DRM from iBooks.

üPreserve iBook meta information like author, publisher, cover andrelease data in the DRM free ePub files.

üCopy DRM protected iBooks to DRM free ePub files at 30x faster speedand nearly 100% quality retained.

üCompletely compatible with Mac OS X EI Capitan 10.11 and iTunes12.3.

üSupport batch conversion and very easy to use.

üMac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11

Tuneskit ibook copy for mac

üiTunes 12.3

üAt least 512M physical RAM

TunesKit IBook Copy

ü1G Hz Intel processor or above

Installation & Register

lInstallTunesKit iBook Copy for Mac

lRegisterTunesKit iBook Copy for Mac

Install TunesKit iBook Copyfor Mac

1.Download the installationpackage of TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac fromproduct page.

2.Double click the installation file‘Tuneskit iBook Copy Mac.dmg' to start installing it on your Mac.

3.Follow the instructions tofinish installation.

4.When you see a window wherethere is an icon of TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac, drag and drop the icon ontothe desktop. Then you can just run the program from the desktop icon.

Step1. Run TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac.First you should click the TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac menu, then choose “Registration…”option.

Step 2. Fill the input blanks withRegistration Name and Code you received from TunesKit to register it to a fullversion. You can use Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste in thewindow.





Vpn unlimited for mac. Main Interface


After launching TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac,you will see the main interface like this:

After clicking the “Convert” button, you'llsee the converting interface like this:



lRemove DRMprotection from iBooks

Click the “Add Files” button to import iBooksfrom iTunes library. You can also drag and drop the iBook ePub files into theconverter.

Remove DRM protection fromiBooks

Click “Convert”button to start removing DRM protection from iBooks.

Support & Purchase

lPurchaseTunesKit iBook Copy for Mac

lTunesKitSupport Center

To make an order for TunesKit iBook Copyfor Mac, you can either click the purchase link embedded in the program orsimply go to the Online Store ofTunesKit.

For technical support, product inquiry,feedback, proposal, compliments or criticism, please contact TunesKitcustomerservice for further assistance.

We are always ready to service you withprompt email support. From Monday to Friday, we will reply to your emailswithin 24 hours. If you send emails during weekends, we will answer yourquestions on the next Monday. Please allow time lag due to different timezones.

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