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'and have never had to restore data.'
I do that kind of work for decades, finding missing photo's, data etc.
Someone had a SD-card in a camera; some else had also a camera with a full SD, different type and borrowed the SD-card to taken some pictures. After that the photo's from yesterday and before were missing in the old camera. So I did use some recovery program's and found about 150 old photo's from the holiday.
Another one: some had trouble with Windows and the shop has replaced Windows with a new copy. And they did not save any documents, any picture. Certainly not the pictures of a funeral of dad. Also recovered.
Another one: some shared a folder of the PC to the network in the company. And he saw two folders with the same content(own PC and the shared one on the network) and deleted one of them: the whole administration of 3 years was gone. Also a mistake.
And a lot of people do delete something and later on have regrets that it is deleted.

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Sep 28, 2020 San Diego, CA - - - The new version TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery 5.9 is released and it's fully compatible with the latest iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.It can effectively recover lost data from iPhone and iPad that has the latest iOS or iPadOS system. TogetherShare iPhone Data Recovery for Windows is one of the best iOS data recovery software. It supports to recover deleted or lost data from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iTunes backup. Moreover, it is very easy-to-use. It takes only 3 simple steps to recover all lost iOS data from iOS device.

DataTogetherShare IPhone Data Recovery
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There is no software that will stop stupidity of the people using it.
A computer can screw up more in 1 second than 50 men working 10 years can do.
That is the power of a computer. Use it wisely and RTFM. 'Read the Fine Manual'

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Togethershare iphone data recovery free

Togethershare Iphone Data Recovery Software

Bob, FINE??
Not when i was at school :D

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