A basic to do list app, that gives you full control on your task.

  • ToDoey allows you to maintain you to do list in an elegant way. It provides you complete control on your list, you can add, delete and view your tasks and also edit the task. Reminder can also be.
  • Jul 25, 2020 todoey. A todo-list application, made using flutter. Previous Post A Flutter widget to show an icon collection to pick. Next Post Barcode scanner plugin.

ToDoey allows you to maintain you to do list in an elegant way. It provides you..

Todoey is a simple To-do list app.It allows you to add tasks,check off the tasks you've completed and delete the tasks you no longer needed to be done.

Timelog is a time tracking & goals app for your habits. Track your habits, set goals, and gain insights on how you spend your time.

Timelog is different from other..


A weather app inspired by the beautiful designs made by Alyssa-Maree. In this App you'll be able to find out the live weather data in the current location of the..


Encryptstick support. Using the right hashtags on a social media content increases the interaction dramatically.

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HashFluencer helps you to find right hashtags for your social media post!

HashFluencer uses machine learning and..


Intimassy the Love Diary allows you to monitor sexual activities, sex life, sexual health, sexual intimacy and gives you sexual statistics about your private life for better sexual wellness.

Anonymously and privately browse images from Reddit without the bulk.


Browse images from all of your favorite subreddits and easily swipe through them.

Just beginning with Flutter, hoping to improve..

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