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A Time To Change Counseling Center, P.A. Is a locally owned practice servicing both Leon and Wakulla Counties. We care about the people of our community, because you are our neighbors. We are dedicated to providing quality, professional and confidential care for all ages to the communities of Leon and Wakulla Counties. Time to Change closed on 31st March 2021. But the stigma and discrimination experienced by people with mental health problems hasn't gone away. We need you to continue changing how people think and act about mental health problems. You’re apathetic and complacent. As each day passes, you feel increasingly disconnected from your. Custody X Change is a powerful tool that helps parents create and track professional-quality parenting plans. Create your family's parenting schedule Generate a customized parenting plan. Time for change (TFC) is a program developed to assist juveniles and young adults in surpassing negative lifestyles and encourging them to strive to be their best in.

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In order to reach self-sufficiency clients must acquire a myriad of skills and knowledge. Time for Change Foundation offers a number of programs to our clients to prepare them for obstacles they may face when they reach the ability to live on their own.

Strength Based Case Management

A value-added intervention in that case management provides concrete support in getting resources and provides emotional support in identifying clients’ abilities.


Time For Change

Working with women to successfully re-enter society is our goal. Our Re-Entry program assists women coming home from prison with re-assimilating by providing a myriad of supportive services. These services include outpatient services, leadership development, mentoring, comprehensive case management, counseling, housing, mental health, and substance abuse treatment, life skills, and support services. Through these services, treatment rather punishment is achieved.

Independent Living Skills

A day-to-day program that teaches our clients critical thinking skills and how to do daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, and connect socially. This program teaches responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance.

Mommy and Me

‘Mommy and Me’ is a family bonding program designed to strengthen the family reunification of our moms with their children. Here parents learn how to effectively communicate, reinforce, and positively affirm their child’s presence, education, and creativity.

Financial Education and Money Management

“It’s Your L.I.F.E. Lessons in Financial Education” is designed to teach our clients how to wisely manage their money and understand financial skills and tools to help them escape the traps of poverty. Clients learn basic checking and saving skills, what credit is and how it’s used, F.I.C.O Scores, lending basics, financial tools, home buying, and how to create wealth.

Parenting Education

Taught by a certified parenting educator clients learn how to understand their children as well as their behavior, teach their children discipline and cooperation, and how to listen and communicate with their children. A child changes rapidly the first five years of his/her life and it is important that the parent develop the skills necessary to keep up with the constant changes as well as be the most loving and influential person in their child’s life.


Time For Change Recovery House

Authored by Stephanie S. Covington, “A Woman’s Journal” is our self-esteem workbook that addresses issues many women struggle with, especially if they are abusing alcohol and other drugs. This unique class helps women discover their true selves, creating healthy relationships with others, and gaining some spiritual connection.

Work to Win

Our job training class includes resume development, local job market research, home business opportunities, and career counseling. The Employment Readiness Program also offers a variety of workshops and individual training sessions. Clients learn to dress for success, proper interviewing communication, follow-ups, and develop the confidence needed to overcome any employment barriers.


As needed, clients are supported with bus passes and are transported in our company van to engage in critical education and mental health services throughout the Inland Empire. Clients are held to daily efficiency standards and due to poor public transportation, additional assistance is needed to make multiple appointments in one day.

Leadership Development

Time For Change Foundation

Civic engagement is critical to social connectedness and clients are taught their roles and responsibilities to society. Education consists of voting, taxes, school boards, community volunteerism, and understanding both local and state policy. Here they are empowered to understand that they are not invisible and that their voice matters.

Health and Nutrition Wellness

Each client and their children receive an initial wellness medical exam, all women over 40 are scheduled for mammograms and the women attend weekly wellness groups. Information is provided to the women on the importance of preventive measures such as smoking cessation, proper nutrition and fitness and HIV/STD education.

Family Reunification

After careful assessment of the best interests of the child, here women reunify with their children and work closely with licensed professionals to ensure that their children’s needs are being met. Our staff works diligently with the parents to ensure that appropriate accommodations, scheduling, and educational needs are in place for the children. The family is supported as they develop healthy family relationships.

Emergency Solutions (W.I.S.H. Program)

Emergency services include rental and utility payment assistance to the residents of various cities in San Bernardino County as a means of homeless prevention. Our Wellness Is Stabilized Housing (WISH) Program addresses housing insecurity for families who are at risk of becoming homeless. We do this by providing rental and utility assistance with clients who are assigned a Case Manager and develop a self-sufficiency plan to maintain stabilized housing.



Women Accessing Legal services is critical as we challenge the systems that perpetuate disparities and unjust treatment of women of color. Through our partnership with Root & Rebound, we provide a full-time attorney in-house for our clients to fully access the legal services they need to reunify with their children and clear their records.