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As you probably know, getting to different stages of progress in your document just by clicking Undo button can be really frustrating. And yet in InDesign there is no easy way to orient in past actions.

DTP Tools History plug-in brings the extra useful panel known from Photoshop to InDesign, with added and improved features.

Apart from seeing all available redo and undo steps, you can now save different Versions within a single document. Regardless of how much you change your documents, you can always return to any state at any time.


Tetris for Adobe InDesign/InCopy Screenshots Tetris panel - Macintosh. Tetris panel - Windows. Back to Tetris for Adobe InDesign/InCopy Home. Learn more about Tetris for Adobe InDesign/InCopy. Tetris for Adobe InDesign/InCopy Measure your speed and skills with designers worldwide - submit your score to. DOWNLOAD StoryParker for InDesign StoryParker for InDesign. When an editor finishes making changes to InCopy content files in InCopy and has checked the content back in to the server, the InDesign user can then update. Cross-References PRO for Adobe InDesign/InCopy. Cross-References is a modular system which responds to every referencing need. It is a robust solution inspired by a similar feature in Adobe FrameMaker and improved thanks to the greater flexibility of the InDesign environment, utilizing paragraph and character styles with XML driven format.


Upgrade from any previous version to version 2.3 is free. Just download the new version and install it over the previous one. Your current serial number is valid for activation.

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