At Taipan, in addition to testing and certifying individual products, we also test entire matched systems comprising hose fitted with appropriate hose tails using the specified crimp dimensions. Using hose and hose tails that have been tested together meets MDG41 guidelines, lowers the risk of failure and ensures that your hydraulic machinery. Set in China during the 19th century, Dirk Struan is the power-hungry head of community who has big plans for expansion in Hong Kong. His quest is hindered by a number of rivals who seek to overthrow him and take his position for themselves. A game based on the China trade of the 1800s. C lick refresh to play again. P lease consider donating $1.00 to sponsor further development and to keep this game online and free. Y ou'll feel good, and $1.00 is much cheaper than the original. P lus, if you do, I'll give you the secret link to the negative interest version! Lus, if you do, I'll give you the. 'The Taipan is a fast, maneuverable ship capable of performing a number of roles.' - Shipwright SummaryThe Taipan is one of three ships added in the April 2020 update (alongside the Alliance and the Hook). The ship is very similar to the Bullet, in which both have the exact same armaments and whopping speed of 9. The differences are that the Taipan carries slightly more cargo, smaller in size.

Chrome. A tai-pan (Chinese: ; Sidney Lau: daai6baan1,[1] literally 'top class'[2]) is a senior business executive or entrepreneur operating in China or Hong Kong.


In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, tai-pans were foreign-born businessmen who headed large Hong trading houses such as Jardine, Matheson & Co., Swire and Dent & Co. amongst others.

Where is taipan located

Tai Pan Trading

The first recorded use of the term in English is in the Canton Register of 28October 1834.[3] Historical variant spellings include taepan (first appearance), typan, and taipan.[3]

In popular culture[edit]

The term gained wide currency outside China after the publication of Somerset Maugham's 1922 short story 'The Taipan' and James Clavell's 1966 novel Tai-Pan.

The term was used to describe the protagonist's family in Empire of the Sun.


  • William Jardine,[4]Jardine Matheson (1843–1845), Hong Kong
  • James Matheson, Jardine Matheson (1796–1878), Hong Kong
  • Lawrence Kadoorie,[5]China Light and Power (1899-1993), Hong Kong
  • Alasdair Morrison,[6]Jardine Matheson (1994-2000), Hong Kong
  • Simon Murray,[7]Hutchison Whampoa (1984-1994), Hong Kong
  • Percy Weatherall (born 1957), Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong
  • William Keswick (1834–1912), Scotland
  • Merlin Bingham Swire (born 1973), England
  • Douglas Lapraik (1818–1869), England
  • John Johnstone Paterson (1886-1971), Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong
  • John Charles Bois (1848-1918), Butterfield & Swire, Shanghai

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  • Canton System, the single-port trading monopoly operative in China prior to the First Opium War.


Taipan Bakery

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