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  1. Tag Heuer
  2. Custom Tags


Use Google Tag Manager to manage tags (such as measurement and marketing optimization JavaScript tags) on your site. Without editing your site code, you use GTM user interface to add and update Google Ads, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and non-Google tags. This reduces errors and allows you to to deploy tags on your site quickly.

Mobile APIs

Use Google Tag Manager to manage analytics and advertising tools in your apps without having to rebuild and resubmit the applications' binaries to the app marketplaces.


Tag Heuer

Taglierini calories

Build your own tag and variable templates in Google Tag Manager. Submit templates to the Community Template Gallery and make them available worldwide.

Custom Tags


The Google Tag Manager API provides access to Google Tag Manager configuration data for an authorized user. Use the API to manage accounts, containers and container versions, tags, rules, triggers, variables, and user permissions.



For more information about the features and benefits of Google Tag Manager:

  • Visit the Google Tag Manager product site.
  • View the Google Tag Manager technical factsheet.
  • Visit the Google Tag Manager help center

Server-side tagging

Server-side tagging allows you to move tag instrumentation off of your website or app and into the Cloud. Server-side tagging can help you improve the performance and security of your website or mobile app.

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