1. TAD is responsible for property tax appraisal and exemption administration for over seventy jurisdictions within Tarrant County. Each jurisdiction sets its tax rate to provide for police and fire protection, public schools, roads and streets, district courts, water and sewer systems, and other public services.
  2. TAD Drive Shafts can repair, modify, or create custom drive shafts for any application. We stock a variety of parts and offer same day service.

When it comes to becoming a cast member on Good Bones, Tad Starsiak has quite the backstory. Mina Starsiak and Karen Laine once shared details about their family in a YouTube video from HGTV. Their family tree is complex, but Tad's place in the family is easy to understand. Tad is Mina's half-brother. He and Mina share a father. TAD: Tube Amp Doctor (vacuum tubes) TAD: Theatre and Dance (various schools) TAD: Telephone Answering Device: TAD: Transport A La Demande (French: Transportation on Demand; public transportation; France). TAD-CE1 / TAD-CE1-K. EVOLUTION SERIES - COMPONENTS. Power Amplifier Model No. TAD-M1000-S / TAD-M1000-K Digital /Analog Converter Model No.

External side pockets can fit up to 11.5' diameter bottles (32oz Nalgene)
Two Helix (HX) attachment points allow for internal organization

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Azimuth (n): the horizontal angle or direction of a compass bearing.

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On any bearing, the Azimuth’s unique design, light weight, versatility, and packability make it a formidable companion to your regular kit. Designed to stow away on all your adventures, the Azimuth is built to function as a quick reaction accessory when you need to expand your carry capacity in the field.

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  • Primarily loaded via the large, water resistant zipper at the top of the pack, the Azimuth Pack also has zippers running along both sides of the front panel. One zipper leads to the main compartment, allowing the user to quickly and easily access items at any layer of the pack, and the other zipper leads to a separate, flat storage compartment that keeps small items readily accessible.

  • Two Helix (HX) attachment points inside of the Azimuth Pack allow the user to attach Transport Cubes, Transport Sleeves, select Control Panels, or any other compatible storage system securely inside the pack. An internal mesh pocket keeps small items accessible at the top of the pack, and also acts as the carrying pouch when stowing the Azimuth for transport.

  • The Azimuth Pack has two quickly accessible external side pockets with attachment loops to help retain essential tools such as a water bottle, compass, GPS, or map. These pockets are ported to allow small debris or loose liquid to escape.

  • Unstructured and minimalist, the Azimuth can be packed into its own mesh pocket, rolled up, or packed flat. Made in the USA from premium lightweight and durable weather-resistant materials, the Azimuth packs features above its weight class into a package you'll forget is there until you need it.

  • See full list on developer.valvesoftware.com. A hydration bladder attachment strap rests inside the top of the Azimuth Pack to allow common sizes and shapes of hydrations bladders to be suspended. The top of the pack is ported to allow hydration hoses to be routed to either shoulder strap. Both straps contain a small elastic loop to secure the hose to the strap.

Tad Starsiak

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