Sync Folders Pro

Sync Center is a feature that was introduced in Windows Vista, and it has been supported in many subsequent versions of Windows including Windows 10 Pro. The main purpose of Sync Center is to synchronize your files with a network server so that you always have the most updated copies when you need them. Add the folder from which you want to synchronize files. Above the middle section of the FreeFileSync window, click Browse, then go to the folder from which you want to synchronize files, click it, and click Select Folder. On a Mac, you'll click Choose instead. Synchronize Files and Folders FreeFileSync is a folder comparison and synchronization software that creates and manages backup copies of all your important files. Instead of copying every file every time, FreeFileSync determines the differences between a source and a target folder and transfers only the minimum amount of data needed.

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Sync folders pro mac

You can use the Sync feature to share your PC settings among Windows 10 devices so you don’t have to redo the settings on each device. To sync, the Sync feature has to be turned on in settings, which it is by default. If, for some reason, it’s been turned off, you have to turn.

Sync Folders Pro

for macOS 11 - 10.8 (Apple Silicon, Intel CPU)

Key Features:

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Sync Folders Pro
  • Bootable backup on an external drive (SSD, HDD). macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina compatibility.
  • Bidirectional synchronization, one-way synchronization, mirroring backup.
  • Powerful preview mode. Ability change file operations before sync. 'Line by Line' comparison.
  • Automatic scheduled synchronization.
  • Synchronization any number of pair folders at same time.

How to get started for Beginners

  • Select sync folders.
  • Select sync mode.
  • Click 'Sync Current Task' button and your folders will be synchronized!
  • Do not worry about other settings, they are set to the recommended ones.
Sync Folders Pro

For the most exacting professionals

Create a bootable clone of your hard drive and you can use it if your main drive is crashed.

Sync Folders Pro is perfect for backups to external storage devices including:
USB, memory cards, disks on remote computers within your network, folders on Cloud services (Dropbox, etc.) With each re-backup, the app finds and copies only new files and new file versions, thereby reducing backup time and extending the life of your storage devices.

Sync Folders Pro

Sync Folders Program

The app can synchronize multiple pairs of folders at the same time 'on the fly' using our 'REAL TIME SYNC' technology, on a schedule or manually. The Sync Folders Pro also provides robust tools to filter files and folders so that you sync exactly what you want.

Sync Folders Pro Vs Chronosync

Do you have terabytes (TB) of data to sync? No problem! Sync Folders Pro has been optimized to work with extremely large number of files. Sit back and relax, your data is being automatically synced!

Sync Folders Pro Mac Download

  • 9 synchronization modes.
  • 6 file comparison modes allow to synchronize files on the storage devices with different file systems (OS X, FAT32, etc.).
  • The ability to automatically connect network folders before synchronization and disconnect network folders after synchronization.
  • Protection for unauthorized disconnect storage devices (folders) during synchronization.
  • Saving the last/all versions of files to be deleted. Using this mode, you can always restore deleted files, even if folders have synchronized several times.
  • Quick view the latest changes in synchronized folders.
  • Ability to log events. You can filter events by type, task, status. Ability to export the event log to an external file.
  • Ability to send event log by e-mail in case of synchronization errors.
  • Synchronization of subfolder attributes.