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This is a page about the Refocus materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Learn how to get the Refocus materia, the skills learned from the Refocus materia, as well as how much AP it takes to level up the Refocus materia.

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Refocus Materia Skills and Information

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Basic Information

Refocus Materia
Materia TypeComplete Materia
EffectAllows you to use the Refocus limit break. Can only be used once per battle.


Attack (±)Magic Attack (±)Defense (±)Magic Defense (±)
Strength (±)Magic (±)Vitality (±)Spirit (±)
Luck (±)Speed (±)Max HP (±)Max MP (±)

Refocus Materia Growth and Required AP

LevelAP RequiredAcquired Skill
★1-Use the Refocus limit break.

How to Get the Refocus Materia

How to Get the Refocus Materia
Equipped to Aerith when she first joins your party
Clear battle challenge against the Dynamic Duos or Monsters of Legend in the Shinra Combat Simulator

This materia can also be obtained as a reward from a battle against the Dynamic Duos and another one against the Monsters of Legend in the Shinra Combat Simulator. Check out the link below to know more about the Shinra Combat Simulator and other rewards that you can obtain.

How to Use the Refocus Materia

Just Like Other Limit Breaks

Refocus can be used just like a normal limit break, so if your limit gauge is filled you can select it instead of your normal one. It also only uses half of the limit gauge so you can still save up for a regular limit break to lay down the hurt!

Increases Your ATB Gauges

Using Refocus will give you a third ATB Gauge for the duration of the battle, allowing you to get off more abilities and spells at a faster pace to increase damage.

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Other Materia

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This is a guide to the Battle Intel Report No. 13: Refocus Analysis in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7R). Find out tips and strategy on how to use Refocus to complete Chadley's Report and obtain the ATB Assist Materia.

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How to Complete No. 13: Refocus Analysis

Super Refocus
No.13: Refocus Analysis
The activation of Refocus results in an accelerated attack frequency. Could applying said phenomenon to materia produce similar effects in allies? Further field data rquired to prove validity.
Trigger Refocus 2 times.

What Materia Do you Get?

Obtain the ATB Assist Materia

You can receive the ATB Assist Materia for completing this mission.

Refocus Analysis Guide

How to Use Refocus

After equipping the Refocus Materia to the character who you want to use it, they will be able to use the Refocus Limit Break from the command menu.


Use it twice to complete the mission

You only need to trigger Refocus twice to complete this mission. Your Limit charges when attacking and blocking, so if you just keep blocking lots of attacks from weaker enemies, your Limit Break will be ready in no time! Some weapons even have skills that will give your limit a boost when you have low HP (less than 25%), so if you have one of these ready to go, why not use it?

This materia will be equipped to Aerith when she joins your party.

Things to note about Refocus

Super Focus Eyeglasses

While Refocus is not super hard to trigger in itself, an important thing to note is that it can only be triggered once per battle. In other words, you'll need to finish battle in order to use it again. If you want to complete this battle report quickly, trigger the limit, finish the battle, then enter another one!

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