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Huân chương Sao vàng
(Gold Star Order)

TypeSingle-grade order
Awarded for'personnel who completed exceptional service or organization established excellent achievement for the revolutionary cause of the Party and Nation.'[1]
Presented bythe Government of Vietnam
EligibilityMilitary and civil personnel or organization
StatusCurrently awarded
EstablishedJune 6, 1947
First awarded1958
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Ho Chi Minh Order

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Gold Star Order (Vietnamese: Huân chương Sao vàng) is the highest decoration in Vietnam awards and decorations awarded by the Government of Vietnam[2] for a military or civil 'personnel who completed exceptional service or organization established excellent achievement for the revolutionary cause of the Party and Nation.'[1] The order was established on June 6, 1947 following the decree No. Pdf converter master. 58/SL by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, it was re-established by the Law of Emulation and Reward promulgated on November 26, 2003.

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The 1947 to 2003 version of the Gold Star Order.

According to the 1947 decree, the medal of Gold Star Order consisted of two parts, a five-pointed star in gilt-bronze attached to a red neckband with yellow edge. The 2003 Law proposed a new model of the medal which are composed of three parts, the five-pointed star, the ribbon and the bar symbolizing the Flag of Vietnam.[1]



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The Gold Star Order is bestowed on the person who has exceptional contribution for the Party and the Nation, for example ones who had participated in the revolutionary movement before 1935 and had occupied the positions of leaders of the Party, the Government or commander in chief of the Vietnam People's Army. If the person began to dedicate for the revolutionary cause and the country after 1945, to be eligible for the Order, that person has to undertake one of the positions of General Secretary of the Party, President of Vietnam, Prime Minister of Vietnam, President of the National Assembly or General of the armed forces before April 30, 1975. The person who brought significant change to the country or had works with deep impact for the society, security and economy of Vietnam is also available for the Gold Star Order. Head of foreign states who actively contributed for Vietnam is sometimes recognized by the Government of Vietnam with the Gold Star Order. On the other hand, the Gold Star Order is awarded collectively for an organization, civil or military unit, who did excellent achievements for the Party and the Nation.[1][2]

Notable recipients[edit]

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Gen. Võ Nguyên Giáp with his Gold Star Order (old style) between two Ho Chi Minh Orders.
Star Order
RecipientBirth-deathPositionYear awardedRef
Tôn Đức Thắng1888–1980President of Vietnam1958
Võ Nguyên Giáp1911–2013General, Commander-in-chief of the Vietnam People's Army, Minister of Defence of Vietnam1992
Lê Duẩn1907–1986General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam
Trường Chinh1907–1988President of Vietnam, General Secretary of the Party
Phạm Văn Đồng1906–2000Prime Minister of Vietnam1990
Phạm Hùng1912–1988Prime Minister of Vietnam
Nguyễn Văn Linh1915–1998General Secretary of the Party
Lê Đức Thọ1911–1990Head of the Central Organizing Department
Võ Chí Công1912–2011President of Vietnam1992
Võ Văn Kiệt1922–2008Prime Minister of Vietnam1997
Lê Quang Đạo1921–1999President of the National Assembly of Vietnam2002 (posthumously)
Văn Tiến Dũng1917–2002General, Minister of Defence of Vietnam
Lê Đức Anh1920–2019President of Vietnam, Minister of Defence of Vietnam
Nguyễn Hữu Thọ1910–1996President of the National Assembly, Acting President of Vietnam1993
Đỗ Mười1917–2018General Secretary of the Party, Prime Minister of Vietnam
Huỳnh Tấn Phát1913–1989Chairman of Government of the Republic of South Vietnam2005 (posthumously)
Nguyễn Chí Thanh1914–1967General, Director of the Department of Politics of the Vietnam People's Armyposthumously
Lê Trọng Tấn1914–1986General, Chief of the General Staff2007 (posthumously)
Hoàng Văn Thái1915–1986General, Chief of the General Staff2007 (posthumously)
Jambyn Batmönkh1926–1997President of Mongolia
Kaysone Phomvihane1920–1992President of Laos
Khamtai Siphandon1924–President of Laos
Fidel Castro1926–2016President of Cuba1982
Kim Il-sung1912–1994President of North Korea[3]


RecipientYear awarded
The City of Hanoi2003 after the Independence Of East Timor and 2004 (two times)
People's Army of Vietnamthree times
People's Police of Vietnam1980, 1985, 2000 (three times)
Hanoi Medical University
Vietnam News Agency

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