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Chronos, makers of a variety of applications for both the left and right sides of your brain, has announced the impending arrival of SOHO Notes 9 and SOHO Organizer 9. List books. Both apps will gain a variety of big new features and interface changes, and Chronos is offering a pre-sale event to sweeten the deal.

SOHO Notes 9, a major new version of Chronos’s note-taking and research app, is getting a much-requested widescreen view, as well as a new tag explorer, geo-tagging support, and browser bookmarklets to make it easier for you to archive Web pages. Improved syncing with NoteLife, Chronos’s iOS companion to SOHO Notes, is also on the menu.

SoHo Notes #3 - Winter, 2016. SoHo Notes #2 - Spring, 2016. SoHo Notes #1 - Winter, 2015. SOHO Notes can't directly import your StickyBrain 2 notes. You first need to convert your StickyBrain 2 notes using StickyBrain 4.0.6. You do not need to own StickyBrain 4.0.6 to accomplish this task.

Chronos is also packing quite a few new features into SOHO Organizer 9, its productivity suite that consists of a powerful calendaring app, SOHO Notes, and SOHO Print Essentials. New in version 9 is CardDAV support for contact sharing, offline support for CardDAV and CalDAV, calendar groups, and nested smart groups for contacts. SOHO Print Essentials will also get Smart Templates, a Cover Flow interface for previewing artwork, and font previews.

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Chronos plans to ship both apps by January 31, 2011, and it’s offering discounts to new and upgrade customers through December 21. A new license for SOHO Notes 9 is $30 (or 25 percent off its regular $40 price), and a new SOHO Organizer 9 license is $75 (or 25 percent off its regular $100 price). Owners of either app, back to version 5, can upgrade for $19 and $37.50, respectively. Chronos’s release deadline next month suggests it could be planning to also release its apps in the Mac App Store (also due out by January), though the company did not respond to Macworld’s request for comment in time for publishing.

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