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Welcome to your Resource Centre for SMS Plus Features - Request response, document attachments and pathways! We're delighted you are here and can't wait to help you see the benefits. 😃

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Sms plus app

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What is SMS Plus?

SMS Plus is the collective term for the request patient response and attach a document features which together, enhance practice productivity:

  • Patient response reduces phone-call tennis and increases engagement from 'hard-to-reach' patients, with responses being saved to record in one-click e.g This can be used to check if a patient has a blood pressure cuff before requesting readings

  • Sending documents reduces printing/postage costs for practices and reduces the number of unnecessary appointment required for admin tasks e.g for issuing sick notes/Med3

Getting started with SMS Plus

You can access the SMS Plus features by clicking on the message button within your accuRx toolbar.

  • Learn more about how to request a patient response here

  • Learn more about how to attach a document here

Tips and tricks


Patient Response:


Document Attachment:

SMS Plus

Extra Resources


  • What is the max size of an individual file that can be attached to an SMS?

  • How can I resize an attachment?

Remove any unnecessary images in the document.

If you need to keep the images within a file, this article can help Reduce the file size of a picture in Microsoft Office.

If you are using Microsoft word, save using .docx wherever possible as this is usually smaller than .doc.

Sms Plus Emulator

If you are exporting a document to PDF, you should have an option to optimize the file size. Choose lower quality images for a smaller file size.

  • How long is a document attachment available for (before no longer downloadable)?

The document is accessible for 28 days. The patient's text explains this.

  • Can a document attachment be downloaded multiple times, or only once?

Multiple times (no restriction)

  • How long does accuRx host the document for, before it is deleted (data retention)?

Right now we're not doing any automatic deletion - given the quick launch to enable this as part of the COVID-19 response. However, by definition all stored documents are only a few days old and we can manually delete anything should an explicit need come up.

  • Where are the documents stored once sent?

Sms Pluse

The files are being stored within Microsoft Azure blob storage which complies with the NHS information governance regulations. The storage itself is only reachable through authenticated connections from within our service - sent links are not direct to storage but rather through our web portal, which requires the patient to supply their date of birth, and is encrypted at rest (see here.)