I picked up an extra remote for use as a presentation remote for my laptop. There are some tools available (such as SiriMote) that enable you to pair the remote with your computer, and for this purpose it worked quite well. Of course, as an Apple TV remote, it also works well and is simple and easy to use. Once installed, the free SiriMote app for OS X 10.11 El Capitan enables you to control certain features on your computer, thereby restoring some functionality present in previous generations of the.


Sirimote For Ipad

SiriMoteSirimote alternative

Today, I’ve updated SiriMote to version 1.3.9.

What Is SiriMote?

With SiriMote, you can control your Mac with your Apple TV Siri Remote.
A few examples:


  • Control your Mac’s volume
  • Control iTunes (play/pause, next or previous track, fast forward, rewind)
  • Control Keynote (next or previous slide)
  • Control QuickTime Player (play/pause, fast forward, rewind)
  • Control VLC Player (play/pause, next or previous track, fast forward, rewind)
  • Control Microsoft PowerPoint (start/stop slideshow, next or previous slide)
  • Control any Mac app that reacts to your Mac’s keyboard’s media keys

What’s New in SiriMote 1.3.9?

– Re-establishes compatibility with macOS 10.12
– Improves the connectivity to your Apple TV Siri Remote
– Now asks for access to your Mac’s accessibility features (which the app requires to operate) if not already granted
– Fixes a few minor annoyances
– Ensures compatibility with macOS 11.0 Big Sur
– Built to run natively on Apple Silicon

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Pricing and Availability

Sirimote Mac

SiriMote is a freeware app, which means you can download and use it – without limitations – completely for free. If you like it, please consider taking a look at my other apps – thank you!
The app is available for download from SiriMote’s website (direct download).
SiriMote requires OS X Sierra 10.12 or newer and an Apple TV Siri Remote.

If you’re interested in writing about SiriMote, you can download the press kit here, which contains screenshots and further information.

– Matthias
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