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Senet Deluxe is a truly unique strategy game. It features great animation, a soundtrack, an intelligent adversary, enforceable backwards moves, highlighting for acceptable moves, game statistics. Senet Deluxe - The Ancient Game of Life and AfterlifeSenet is an ancient Egyptian race game and the predecessor of our modern Backgammon. The oldest known form of the game is shown in a painting.

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Cloud-Based Software and Services for the On-Demand Build-Out and Management of Global IoT Networks

SENET SOUND WORKS. Home Portfolio Shop Services Blog Gift card More; OUT NOW!! BRAND NEW SOUNDS FROM SENET SOUND WORKS ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! On sale BRILLO for Xfer Serum DELUXE EDITION $99.00 $49.00 On sale Freebase Drums Volume 1 $39.00 $19.00 Producer. I am an electronic music producer. Senet is the oldest known board game. Fragmentary boards that could be senet have been found in First Dynasty burials in Egypt, c. 3100 BCE.The first unequivocal painting of this ancient game is from the Third Dynasty tomb of Hesy (c.

Senet provides powerful connectivity platforms and flexible, cost optimized business models to deploy carrier-grade LoRaWAN® networks where and when they are needed

Public and Private Networks for Application Providers

Connect to the largest carrier-grade LoRaWAN Network in North America and partner with Senet for expanded coverage as needed.

for Network Operators

Our cloud-based Managed Network Services enable operators and other connectivity providers to rapidly deploy branded LoRaWAN networks and services.


for Radio Access Network Providers

Senet Deluxe Mini

Deploy LoRaWAN gateways on your towers, buildings or municipal assets to participate in the IoT services economy and create new revenue streams.

for System Integrators

Senet’s network connectivity and application enablement tools uniquely support your cross-industry engagements, generate new revenues and increase profitability.

The Senet Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVNTM)
Revolutionizing IoT Connectivity

Senet Deluxe Plus

We’re changing the paradigm for how IoT services are delivered and monetized. Senet’s patented Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN™) connects Network Operator, Application Provider and RAN Provider networks under a cooperative model, delivering pervasive and unified connectivity without the need for roaming contracts. Innovative business models allow participants to benefit from revenue sharing based on the role they play in the larger network ecosystem.

The Undisputed Leader in Carrier-Grade
LoRaWAN Network Deployments

Senet DeluxeSenet

Countries with Senet coverage & connectivity readiness

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IoT technology is driving global change, enabling businesses, municipalities and citizens to make the world a better place. Senet is creating new opportunities for innovation, the environment and society by helping connect devices and data to applications and action.

Senet Deluxe Portable

Using the Power of Our Network
to Build a Better Future

  • Optimize the use of natural resources to increase sustainability across a variety industries
  • New tools for energy efficiency reduce your carbon footprint and ecological impact
  • Connected smart city solutions support economic development, improve safety and optimize service delivery to citizens

Industry Leaders Partner with Senet to Deliver Scalable IoT Solutions

Senet Recognized by CRN in 2021 Internet of Things 50 List

We’re excited to announce that CRN has named Senet to its 2021 Internet of Things 50 list, selecting us as one of the “Top 10 Coolest IoT Connectivity Companies“!

Senet and Lorax Partnership Advances Natural Gas Safety for Utilities

Senet Deluxe 2

By progressing its partnership with Lorax and previously announced collaborations with natural gas leak detection solutions and utility providers, Senet aims to continually support the digital transformation of the utility industry with IoT-powered innovation.

Easily Deploy and Expand LoRaWAN AMI Solutions Today

With Senet’s flexible models for AMI network deployment and support, forward thinking utilities are able to rapidly adopt innovative technologies, improving productivity and extending efficiencies while saving money and resources.

  • DSL Internet


    Seanet DSL is nearly 25 times faster than your old dial-up modem. In addition, the connection is “always on,” so you never have to wait to dial in, you’ll never get a busy signal, and you can use your existing phone lines—no wiring required!

  • TrueRing

    Home Phone Service

    When unlimited long distance to the US and Canada is included in a phone plan, all you need is a comfortable couch to kick off the conversation. Seanet’s TrueRing Phone Service gives you over 14 features that make it easier than ever to keep in touch with both personal and business associates across the US and Canada.

  • Web Hosting

    Personal & Small Business

    Host your web site on Seanet’s professionally maintained servers. Monitored 24 hours-a-day and connected directly to the Internet backbone, Seanet web hosting is about dependability and performance. We have two professional web hosting configurations available depending on your design needs: Unix or Windows. We also have secure server services available.