For over 40 years, we’ve focused on sea turtle conservation! Due to the efforts of incredible volunteers, we’ve been able to achieve the following:

  • Ensure 1,300+ nests have been laid under our watch
  • Watch 75,000+ hatchlings emerge from nests and make it safely to sea
  • Remove 10,000+ pieces of trash from beaches each year

Sea turtles are herbivorous, carnivorous or omnivorous depending on the species and the age. Jellyfish, crabs, fish, sea cucumbers and sponges are just a few examples of their varied diet. They have powerful jaws that make them capable of crushing animals with hard shells such as snails, as well as pulling out the grass rooted in the ocean floor.

  1. The Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Lab is equipped to house and study turtles with FP. While under our care, scientists have the opportunity to learn from turtles that have presented with signs of FP (lesions on soft tissues, etc.) in hopes of advancing the understanding of the FP virus, its life-cycle, transmission and effect on marine animal.
  2. Turtle Island Restoration Network is a global ocean nonprofit and a leading advocate for the ocean and marine wildlife. Our work is based on science, fueled by people who care, and effective at catalyzing long-lasting positive change that protects the likes of green sea turtles, whale sharks.

Help Sea Turtles

Five ways you can help sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Information

Want to know more about sea turtles?

Every day during nesting season, from May to October, our volunteers patrol
the beaches of St. Pete Beach, Shell Key and Outback Key. We find, mark and
protect new nests, so hatchlings can make it safely to the Gulf.

Sea Turtle Stranding & Salvage

Year round, Sea Turtle Trackers responds to calls about stranded turtles. Live turtles are
transported to authorized rehabilitation centers for care.

Community Outreach & Conservation

We work cooperatively with our local community to improve the condition of our beaches. Our goal is to make our area as turtle friendly as possible while helping visitors and residents enjoy this great place. We organize beach clean-ups throughout the year, which is a quick and easy way to get involved!


Sea Turtle Trackers takes every opportunity to educate visitors and residents on the importance of caring for our local ecosystem.

Youth leaders initiate, develop and lead projects and programs they are passionate about to create positive change.

River Guardians water monitoring program is part of the EarthEcho Water Challenge.


Sea Turtle Habitat

Paint The Drain storm water awareness and storm drain stencil program

The Green Team spotlights environmentally conscious businesses and youth that are helping to protect and preserve our community and planet.

Plastic Free NC creates awareness to help reduce, remove and provide alternatives to single use plastics.

cycLAST promotes healthy outdoor activities through cycling, bike collection drives to repair and donate bikes, and trail and greenway clean-ups.

The Floating Island project utilizes recycled materials to create filtering islands and increase natural habitats.

Sustainable Hunger Initiative is aCommunity Garden & Orchard, Food Distribution and Nutrition Education program


Keep Your Bottom Clean marine debris awareness program

Stow It-Don't Throw It monofilament recycling project

Upstream Downstream Connection outdoor nature-based programs

Leatherback Sea Turtle

We Stand celebrates and highlights historical minority community leaders and changemakers

Sea Turtle Drawing

Youth Leadership Development