scatterscat‧ter /ˈskætə $ -ər/ verb [intransitive, transitive]Plot1SPREADif someone scatters a lot of things, or if they scatter, they are thrown or dropped over a wide area in an irregular wayscatter (something) over/around/across etc somethingScatter the onions over the fish.The flowers fell and scattered on the ground.Scatter

English Language Learners Definition of scatter (Entry 2 of 2): a small number or group of things placed or found apart from each other See the full definition for scatter in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Scatter is the world leader in democratizing volumetric capture through the creative software tool, Depthkit. Scatter's first creative tool is Depthkit: desktop software for capturing volumetric video. Depthkit technology works with accessible depth sensor hardware, available to purchase off-the-shelf from companies like Microsoft and Intel.

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Scatter charts and line charts look very similar, especially when a scatter chart is displayed with connecting lines. However, the way each of these chart types plots data along the horizontal axis (also known as the x-axis) and the vertical axis (also known as the y-axis) is very different. The flowers fell and scattered on the ground. 2 ESCAPE if a group of people or animals scatter, or if something scatters them, they move quickly in different directions The sound of gunfire made the crowd scatter in all directions. → scattered, scattering → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus scatter. There was a sudden crack of.

2ESCAPEif a group of people or animals scatter, or if something scatters them, they move quickly in different directionsThe sound of gunfire made the crowd scatter in all directions.Scatter

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scattered, scattering


Scatter advertising is a marketing and publicity approach that involves making use of promotional outlets on an as-needed basis rather than as a part of a structured and focused advertising campaign. Generally, sit is not necessarily focused on reaching a particular demographic, but casts a wide net in the hopes of reaching the right people at the right time. It is not unusual for businesses and other organizations to make use of this type of advertising as a complement to their main advertising efforts.

One good example of the use of scatter advertising has to do with the use of TV advertising. Much of the costs associated with running a cable or broadcast network is covered by ad revenue. Sponsors who want to reach specific demographics will make arrangements to run ads in conjunction with programming or the time of day that is most likely to put their products in front of their target audiences. This means that much of the advertising done on television is intentional, focused and considered to be targeted rather than scattered.

However, a sponsor may also choose to occasionally buy airtime in time slots that are outside of their targeted television advertising. The airtime is usually less desirable areas in the programming schedule that have not already been committed long term to other sponsors. Because the spots are not necessarily aimed at reaching the core audience, the effort is referred to as scatter advertising; it may reach potential customers in the most desirable demographic or it may reach a niche market that is more or less untapped by the business up to this point.

Scatter Plot

While scatter-style advertising usually does not result in sales that rival a targeted advertising approach, the method has proven to be profitable. In some instances, its use opens up access to a whole new market sector that the business never dreamed would respond so favorably to their products. At other times, scatter marketing identifies a niche market that will never be huge, but is worthy of attention in the overall marketing strategy.

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Sometimes referred to as leftover advertising, scatter advertising does hold the potential to enhance targeted promotion campaigns and provide inspiration for future advertising approaches. Since it often employs the use of airtime that television networks and stations have trouble filling with commercials, the cost for engaging in scatter advertising is often significantly less than other forms of promotions.