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Nov 24, 2014 Advanced Renamer. Another good program that also requires a bit of reading to figure out is Advanced Renamer. Thankfully, both sites have user guides and tutorials. Also, I’ll explain the process for changing the file extension here. Database of threats and vulnerabilities, containing data about vulnerabilities of software, a list and descriptions of threats. Renamer is a batch file renaming app for macOS that allows you to rename lots of files quickly and conveniently. You'll love the beautiful user interface, the useful new enhancements that make batch file renaming even easier, and of course the many ways to rename files. Renamer requires macOS 10.14 Mojave or higher. Baby Names Baby Names. Top 100 Names for Boys Top 100 Names for Boys; Top 100 Names for Girls Top 100 Names for Girls; Search for Names by Trait Search for Names by Trait.

Rename files at once. One of the most powerful renamers. And it's freeware.
One For All

Renamer Freeware

A file renamer which renames many files at once
Has Undo
You can preview changes instantly, thus no danger
Now with STAR TREK stardate/startime
Tons of functions (see features).
Perfect for .jpg, .mp3, digital camera files..
Works in networks and with subdirectories (recursiverly)
Fast! Even with many files
It's free

Optimized for large amounts of mp3 files or jpg files or any other file type.

It is fast. It is easy.

You can do so many things with it, it's even hard to begin

Download 1-4a rename here without paying anything.

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'Only some words: I'm using your rename-tool for two month & I want to tell you: It's really the best I found in the whole net. Thanks a lot.'

'a great program ! you saved me probably more then just one night .. cause i had to rename about 20 Gigs of mp3-files .. TKX MUCH :-)))))'

'Brilliant, Thank you. I've used it for almost 10,000 files at a time, and it is stupidly fast. Flexible'

'I was about to manually rename hundreds of files and then thought there has to be a better way.. 3 minutes of googling later and 5 minutes of work and the job was finished!'

'This is absolutly THE BEST file re-namer available - and FREE!!! To boot! Thank you so ever much!'

'This program kicks ass'

'Awesome program!'

'This is a great program. Though I've only used a few times it has just saved me hours.. Love it it.'

'It gives me hours of re-typing back to do more usefull things'


'Thank U So Much~!! for making a fantastic program such as a rename tool.. I really needed a program like this but they were all Shareware and the function they give was too bad..'

'So far..So great!'

'I installed 1-4a Rename about an hour ago and already it has saved me several hours worth of typing.'

'1-4a rename is the best file renamer i have seen. i love when it shows me automatically file rename preview. thanx for a great product..i use it to rename all of my pictures on my webpage.'

'Hey. I do like your program. I’ve tried out like 15 other pieces of software designed to do batch renaming. I have found yours to be the best.'

'I love this program, I have used others that no where as close to solving the renaming problem. I have juste uninstalled all the others and deleted their installation files.'

'works perfect as far as i can see. this is a very mighty tool..'

'Hello. Only used it once but seems to be able to do everyting I've been missing in renaming files with windows. I'm building thumbnail-galleries on a large scale so it will be really useful. Thx for a good prog !'

'Thanks! It's got a lot of features. I really like the part that tells you if the file name is over 64 chars. - helps a lot with CDs. I haven't even used a fraction of the options yet, but I like it. Thanks again for sharing your work!'

'WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Your program is EXACTLY what I wanted, (and even more). Thank you!'

'Brilliantly powerful program - well done.'

'I have only been using batch rename for 10 minutes and I think it's one of the best, most useful programs I have ever downloaded. In those 10 minutes I have saved hours of work.'

'I would like to say that your program saved us countless man-hours. Our IT folks told us there was no way to electronic change the file names (I think they just didn't want to try). There was talk of manually renaming all 10,000 files. Thank goodness I found your program. Great Job!! Many Thanks.'

'This renaming program is fantastic, I just used it to rename 700+ files and it did it in a matter of seconds. You just save me a lot of time. Thanks!'

'Really cool'

'Great app. Saved me much time.'

'Great Program, I use it to sort out my MP3 files.'

'Almost too powerful! Very useful program. Good work!'

'Love the software, work great for renaming mp3 files'

'I just downloaded 1-4a Rename. it is AWESOME. I had a pile of files I needed to rename (about 3000) and I was going through them by hand for a few minutes before I decided to see if there's any find and replace programs on the net. (files like 1980-25.jpg to 80-25.jpg) and found yours through Google. needless to say, I got the job done in about 5 minutes! sweetnes. you rule. thanks!!'


'nice program'

'an excellent renamer!'

'Brilliant, I have been looking for a good rename util, but this one is far better than any I have seen. It has been made simple to use, but still has all the capabilities of more complex work.'

'just a pat on the back. works great, fast, easy to use. helped me re-organize my mp3 collection in a couple of hours instead of all day. Thanks!'

'Excellent program and extremely useful. Thanks for your good work'

'Sweet! What an awesome fit my needs perfectly. Keep up the good work, and thank you for producing a program so easy to use, yet powerful too!'

'Well here's you're email. This program ROCKS. When I first ran it and it was in 'beginner' mode I thought, hey this thing looks pretty good, lots of options etc. Then i went into expert: well you wrote the program so you know what I saw. I was amazed. Thanks ever so much. I'm in the Air Force and heading out to Kuwait in 3 days. I've been ripping MP3's like mad to bring with me. Then i found out i sorta screwed the pooch on the names for my new Expanium player. Your program saved me from a ton of work which I might not have goten done before I left for the desert. Again thanks a Million.'

'Just wanted to thank you for a great program. Been looking for something like this for my music files for a while, this is the first that has all the features I need.'

'Impressive program. I must admit quite overwhelming with power! I think it would take a pretty thick instruction manual to explain it all.'

'1-4a rename is a great utility! Very fast too. I especially like the preview and the undo function.'

'Very CooooL Program!!!!!!!'

'This is a great program! I have been maually renaming files from my digital camera for months! This is gonna save me hours of work! Thanks.'

'Like it a lot..using it now three days - great'

Winclone 7 download. 'You need to charge $$$ for your good efforts'

'Highly useful stuff!'

'Comments: BITCHIN'! I've been looking for a tool like this for ever, and wasn't willing to run Linux just to get my hands on a perl script that could do it from a Unix shell..Tried your program on 289 world area html files that I wanted to have the prefix wa. added to (e.g., ohio.html -> wa.ohio.html). With your preview feature, I got it right the first time, especially since your utility is so intuitive (instructions? who needs instructions?!). Thank you for not only making this, but for making it work so well.'

'I like the program very much, most because I put it on floppy and I don't need installing..Good work!'

'..did the job quickly and easily'

'A great program. I'm into Old Time Radio mp3 collecting and this really helps renaming my files.'

'Oooo .. nice prog! Been looking for something like for a long time now! You've saved me A LOT of work!'

'Great Program. Super time saver. Renamed 10,000 files in less than 15 min.'

'Great and simple program.. congratulations'

'whooou!!! i've just used once, but it's great!! it's fuckin' fast!! a lovely program!! Shore i'll use it lots of times!!!'

'Great program!!! I had looked at other renamers when I needed such a program and even tried a few. Bad interfaces, limited placments of appended items, etc, etc. Then through Nonags I came upon your masterpiece. Even though there really isn't a help section (but great 'Pop Up' mouse explanations, I forgot the correct term for those things), I was able to to do an amazing amount. The instant preview is a Godsend and the undo feature is truly inspired (and very comforting knowing that you can screw up and then 'Cntrl - Z' it.)..Great imagination and masterful programming.'

'Just started using your program. Can't say enough good things about it. Works like a hot damn. I especially love the preview of new filename, saves me a lot of time by making sure I get it right the first time.'

'This program ROCKS!!! Thank you very much!'

'This programs beats the shit out the others!'

'I have tried several other 'renamers' available. One I even paid $27. None of them worked..Just wanted to thank you again for placing such a fine utility out here for people to use. It is great. It saved me tons of time.'

'Wow, What a program! You are my hero! I renamed over 50 GB of MP3s in less than 1 minute!'

'Thank you for using your product! You must know that I grew up with UNIX and am quite impressed that Windows suddenly offers such features. Great!'

'Works like a champ!!!'

'A superb tool, it must be included with a good operating system'

'Wonderful program. I've been looking for this for quite a while. This makes fixing mp3 names easy.'

'Stick with it, and you'll soon be renaming files like nobody's business.'

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