Redis Desktop Manager

V2.2.6.0 Fix ZSet removing issue. Redis manager can help to manage redis server, including:. Create new key and data. Manage key TTL. The screenshot for AnotherRedisDesktopManager has been automatically taken during a fully automated test. You can specify the URL to a nicer one by shipping an AppStream metainfo file. If you would like to see a donation link for the application here, please include one in the AppStream data. Redis Desktop Manager. Redis Desktop Manager:wrench: Cross-platform GUI management tool for Redis Status: Beta.

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  1. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 (If you have not already)
  2. Download Windows Installer from subscription)
  3. Run downloaded installer

Mac OS X

  1. Download dmg image from subscription)
  2. Mount dmg image
  3. Run

Ubuntu / Debian / Fedora / CentOS / OpenSUSE / ArchLinux / Other Linux

Redis Desktop Manager Free

  1. Install RedisDesktopManager using Snapcraft

Other platforms

You can build Redis Desktop Manager from source.

Build from source

Get source

  1. Install git
  2. Get source code:

    git clone --recursive -b 0.9 rdm && cd ./rdm

SSH Tunneling support

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Redis Desktop Manager

Since 0.9.9 RDM by default do not include SSH Tunneling support. If you need it please checkout 0.9.8 tag.git checkout 0.9.8

Redis Desktop Manager

Build on Linux


Fedora & CentOS & OpenSUSE

Tip: checkinstall

Instead of sudo make install consider to use sudo checkinstall -D --install on deb-based OS and sudo checkinstall -R --install on rpm-based OS to generate package and install it into the system.

Build on OS X

  1. Install XCode with Xcode build tools
  2. Install Homebrew
  3. Copy cd ./src && cp ./resources/Info.plist.sample ./resources/Info.plist
  4. Building RDM dependencies require i.a. openssl and cmake. Install them: brew install openssl cmake
  5. Build RDM dependencies ./configure
  6. Install Qt 5.9. Add Qt Creator and under Qt 5.9.x add Qt Charts module.
  7. Open ./src/ in Qt Creator
  8. Run build

Redis Desktop Manager Free Windows

Build on Windows

Redis Desktop Manager License

  1. Install Visual Studio 2015 Community with Updates

  2. Install Qt 5.9

  3. Go to 3rdparty/qredisclient/3rdparty/hiredis and apply patch to fix compilation on Windows:git apply ./hiredis-win.patch

  4. Open ./src/ in Qt Creator. Chooses Desktop Qt 5.9.6 MSVC2015 32bit > Release profile.

  5. Run build. ( Just hit Ctrl-B )