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2007-06-29 18:24:19 UTC
hi guys! (windows 2003+3 DCs+1domain+DNS Integrated zone)
After every restart, all of my DCs are deadly slow to show up the
domain and allow users to logon. Giving a look at the events, i found
that the DNS service is delaying 22 minutes to get started. That made
me try dcdiag.exe /test:DNS and got the following weird error message:
DNS server: (dc1.mydomain.com.)
1 test failure on this DNS server
Delegation is broken for the domain
mydomain.com.MYDOMAIN.COM. on the DNS server
DNS server: (dc2.mydomain.com.)
1 test failure on this DNS server
Delegation is broken for the domain
mydomain.com.MYDOMAIN.COM. on the DNS server
DNS server: (dc3.mydomain.com.)
1 test failure on this DNS server
Delegation is broken for the domain
mydomain.com.MYDOMAIN.COM. on the DNS server
Any clue about this? This 'mydomain.com.MYDOMAIN.COM' seems quite
weird to me.
Thanks beforehand!

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12:03Add recent dbsqlfuzz test cases to test/fuzzdata8.db.(Leafcheck-in: 6fe50dcc23 user: drh tags: trunk)
11:58Initialize the key registers in the skip-scan optimization to NULL, in casethe query is run on a corrupt database that causes the initialization of thekey to be bypassed.dbsqlfuzz 62fdf2bece00d24cac8a4edf2cf562e6eeac779d(check-in: 8b54102a00 user: drh tags: trunk)
11:32Fix a problem allowing SQL variables to be used expressions within the second and subsequent ON CONFLICT clauses of an UPSERT within a trigger.(check-in: 2a28910a17 user: dan tags: trunk)
22:48Remove a testcase() that is no longer relevant due to the previous check-in.(check-in: ca70c8ac72 user: drh tags: trunk)
20:48More aggressive detection of database corruption in the rebuildPage() routine.(check-in: a18c65068b user: drh tags: trunk)
13:31Update an assert() in btree.c that may fail with a corrupt database.(check-in: d74bf88c5a user: dan tags: trunk)
12:14In the sqlite3SelectDup() routine, do not do an incomplete duplication dueto OOM. This in turn requires several new NEVER() and ALWAYS() macros forunreachable branches.(check-in: a61c0e6b78 user: drh tags: trunk)
00:09Add two ALWAYS() macros for branches no longer reachable due to the previous check-in. <b>Later:</b> Dbsqlfuzz quickly found ways to make both of these ALWAYS() conditionals false. (Closed-Leafcheck-in: 8f339f4300 user: drh tags: mistake)
20:36Improvement to check-in [d564d8882ef18b55] to detect the OOM fault evenif it occurs deep down inside the duplicated expression.(check-in: 3e863cd093 user: drh tags: trunk)
19:59An improvement to check-in [1a341378ab24a509] that omits the newWalker.bWalkWinDefn boolean (which is not always initialized) and usesa special value for xSelectCallback2 instead.(check-in: bef2238de9 user: drh tags: trunk)
19:07Merge in the 3.35.5 patches.(Leafcheck-in: 35d1c9a5f8 user: drh tags: reuse-schema-3.35)
18:32Version 3.35.5(Leafcheck-in: 1b256d97b5 user: drh tags: release, branch-3.35, version-3.35.5)
18:03Ensure that a WITHOUT ROWID table does not have the .iPKey field set, even ifan OOM error occurs while parsing a schema in PRAGMA writable_schema=ON mode.Add extra assert() statements to triple-check that this never happens.dbsqlfuzz 803bb1f63d6f3bd6c14db568494d6e96be8f1ec9.(check-in: 41228350a6 user: drh tags: trunk)
16:45Remove fts5 test functions fts5_expr(), fts5_expr_tcl(), fts5_isalnum() and fts5_fold() from release builds.(check-in: c68a6c6c89 user: dan tags: trunk)
15:05In the query flattener, avoid invalidating an expression if an OOM occurs.This prevents problems in higher-level routines that might not check forthe OOM after processing a subquery.dbsqlfuzz fb70fa8602421f87673e0670b0712ff2b5240ea0(check-in: d564d8882e user: drh tags: trunk)
12:05Update the version number to 3.35.5.(check-in: d917b70a35 user: drh tags: branch-3.35)
06:03Ensure that all records are updated by setting the OPFLAG_SAVEPOSITION flag when updating records as part of ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN. Fix for [c88f3036a2].(check-in: 11c368f20a user: dan tags: branch-3.35)
05:52Modify the drop column code to handle WITHOUT ROWID tables for which a single column appears more than once in the primary key.(check-in: cfa8912a94 user: dan tags: branch-3.35)
05:30Ensure that all records are updated by setting the OPFLAG_SAVEPOSITION flag when updating records as part of ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN. Fix for [c88f3036a2].(check-in: 354a4db5cb user: dan tags: trunk)
20:13Remove a couple of NEVER() macros from the code for walking window lists.(check-in: 4ec9ef4bcd user: dan tags: trunk)
20:13Merge trunk bug/test fixes(Leafcheck-in: 830b0b1c49 user: larrybr tags: compile_options)
20:04Bring in permutations mod.(check-in: 7a1316f32c user: larrybr tags: trunk)
19:59Do not run external_reader.test as part of permutation 'journaltest', as it requires wal mode.(check-in: 9f5f16cf09 user: dan tags: trunk)
18:43Allow more time for perf tests when instrumented. Condition another on feature it needs.(check-in: f0dd9cf2d7 user: larrybr tags: trunk)
18:39Add new dbsqlfuzz cases to test/fuzzdata8.db.(check-in: d18793e589 user: drh tags: trunk)
14:42Fix cases where code in expr.c was failing to handle OOM failures that occurred while processing sub-select expressions.(check-in: 62efe2eee3 user: dan tags: trunk)
13:46Ensure that variables are not used in the WINDOW clause of a query insideof a trigger. dbsqlfuzz d9cf66100064952b66951845dfab41de1c124611(check-in: 1a341378ab user: drh tags: trunk)
23:53Merge from trunk.(check-in: 43894f0b5b user: larrybr tags: compile_options)
23:43Add geopoly to $::sqlite_options() and use it to pass more tests.(check-in: 23da5016b6 user: larrybr tags: trunk)
22:53Performance optimizations in the code generator, especially in nameresolution.(check-in: ab83a99899 user: drh tags: trunk)
21:29Make a test conditioned on feature used.(check-in: 31afda7ac3 user: larrybr tags: trunk)
19:25Add new dbsqlfuzz-generated cases to test/fuzzdata8.db.(check-in: 1ac0a056a0 user: drh tags: trunk)
17:09Fix another undefined behaviour in fts3 that could follow an OOM error.(check-in: fac3ff857c user: dan tags: trunk)
16:55Avoid signed integer overflow when finding snippets in fts3 by using 64-bit integer offsets.(check-in: 4cc09a872f user: dan tags: trunk)
15:44Merge from trunk.(check-in: d762784a46 user: larrybr tags: compile_options)
12:33Remove an ALWAYS() from a branch in sqlite3ExprAddCollateToken() which canbe false following an OOM.dbsqlfuzz 9e8516bf1e786c84e520ae43141b75b7399f8618.(check-in: 6af4e6d054 user: drh tags: trunk)
12:13Fix an assert() in whereLoopAddOr() that can be wrong if an OOM occurs inan OR constraint on a virtual table if one of the terms of the OR is an INoperator. dbsqlfuzz 5ee7350b40014f5a878c5d6e76913a2d619f5146(check-in: 5cb40e53ed user: drh tags: trunk)
11:25Fix an assert() in fts3 that might fail when handing corrupt records.(check-in: d0e2d6742f user: dan tags: trunk)
11:05Fix the comment on the implementation of the pi() SQL function. No changesto code.(check-in: 5620bd466e user: drh tags: trunk)
10:25Dial back assumptions on compile option defaults to reflect actual conditionals.(check-in: cb3127725d user: larrybr tags: compile_options)
01:03Do not invoke sqlite3ExprAffinity() if there is a possibility that the Expris incomplete due to a prior OOM.dbsqlfuzz b8a824706914488bd236da51118eb9174ceb870f(check-in: e8a1515b44 user: drh tags: trunk)
23:43Merge from (forked) trunk. Handle compile options that differ from default by being 0.(check-in: 6eb83f83d2 user: larrybr tags: compile_options)
19:09Fix a bad interaction between constant propagation and transitive term handling causing patterns like 'WHERE unlikely(t1.x=t1.y) AND t1.y=?' to return non-matching rows. See [forum:/forumpost/c38462ab5e forum post c38462ab5e].(check-in: 2363a14ca7 user: dan tags: trunk)
13:26Add extra test case for OOM handling in where.c.(check-in: 7163de3dea user: dan tags: trunk)
12:56Make sure the WhereInfo.pExprMods list is properly cleared when existingsqlite3WhereBegin() early due to an OOM fault.dbsqlfuzz 1247a51318047aba42e7f6991dfa62577cb7a151.(check-in: 0e19af72d8 user: drh tags: trunk)
00:26Bring pragma compile_options up to date. And make mkctimec.tcl help do so.(check-in: 63ea3e298c user: larrybr tags: compile_options)
15:25Prevent an assert() from failing if sqlite3_blob_reopen() is called on a blob-handle that has already hit an SQLITE_CORRUPT error.(check-in: b5dc7aba03 user: dan tags: trunk)
12:11Fix a potential crash when using json_group_array() as a window function.(check-in: 3c266690c7 user: dan tags: trunk)
11:20Fix an assert() in the code generator for expressions so that it is valideven after an OOM.(check-in: 427e83eb58 user: drh tags: trunk)
18:39Fix a problem with handling expressions like '(col IS NULL AND <expr1>) OR col NULL' in WHERE clauses. Reported at [https://sqlite.org/forum/forumpost/1c4f2fdcc4].(check-in: e8c7bd34d0 user: drh tags: branch-3.35)