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This Gradle plugin supports automatically gathering and publishingthe XML test results to the Projektor server. It listens to theend of the build, gathers up all the XML results generated byTest tasks in the build, then sends those to the Projektor server.

Example Projektor report from the plugin’s build:

Use plugin


To apply this plugin to your project:


See for the latest version.

By default the plugin publishes results from all Test tasks in the projectwhen the build finishes.

The plugin also adds a publishResults task that lets you publish testresults from a build after it has executed (for example, if you didn’t have auto-publish on)This can be a good way to easily share a specific test failure with colleagues.

./gradlew publishResults

Note: If you have a multi-project build, please apply the plugin to the root project.


All the configuration of the plugin is inside the projektor block.To use the plugin, first set the URL of the Projektor server: Preminder.

You can also include results from arbitrary directories in your build with the additionalResultsDirs configuration option:


The plugin includes configurable retry and timeout settings to help make publishing resultsto the Projektor server more resilient against network hiccups:

Slack message

It can be helpful to proactively notify folks when a CI build fails via Slack.To help make that easier, the Projektor Gradle plugin has the option to write a formatted Slackmessage in a JSON file. This Slack message includes a direct link to the Projektor test reportso users can quickly investigate test failures.

To use it, set the writeSlackMessageFile parameter to true.

By default, the Slack message is written to a file named projektor_failure_message.json,but you can specify your own file name by setting slackMessageFileName

Projektor Cena

Code coverage

Starting with plugin version 5.5.4 and server 3.5.1, Projektor has the ability to publish andvisualize code coverage data as part of the Projektor report.

To include code coverage stats in your Projektor reports, first ensure you are using plugin version 5.5.4 or higher,enable Jacoco in your build,and include the jacocoTestReport task with your build. That’s it.The Projektor Gradle plugin will automatically configure, collect and upload the XML coverage reports fromeach project in the build that uses Jacoco.

For an example Projektor report with coverage, check out

Ironically, this example build shows that the code coverage of the coverage parsing module in Projektor is low. Need to work on that.

Update: Coverage for the parsing module looking better now:

Combining code coverage from multiple test tasks

Some projects have separate test tasks, such as test and integrationTest.Projektor will automatically collect coverage stats for all projects in a multi-project build,but if your project has multiple test tasks in the same project you’ll need a bit of extra configurationin your build.gradle file to have Jacoco combine the coverage data from the different test tasksbefore the coverage data is sent to the Projektor server:

All configuration options

serverUrl**StringnullProjektor server URL to publish results to
alwaysPublishInCIbooleantrueWhether results are automatically published at the end of the build when running in CI
publishOnLocalFailurebooleantrueWhether results are automatically published at the end of the build if it fails when running locally
alwaysPublishbooleanfalseWhether to always publish the results regardless of environment or outcome
publishTokenStringnullToken to include in publish request to server (only needed when server has publish token set)
additionalResultsDirsList<String>[]Additional directories to include results from. Useful when you want to include results from a task that isn’t Test type
attachmentsList<FileTree>[]FileTrees to include as attachments to the test report and make available in the UI
compressionEnabledbooleantrueWhether to compress the test results with GZIP when sending them to the server
publishRetryMaxAttemptsint3Max number of attempts when retrying publish of results to server
publishRetryIntervallong100Amount to wait (in milliseconds) between retry attempts
publishTimeoutlong10_000Timeout (in milliseconds) to send results to the server
writeSlackMessageFilebooleanfalseWhether to write a Slack message file with a link to the Projektor test report
slackMessageFileNameStringprojektor_failure_message.jsonName of the Slack message file (if enabled)
codeCoveragePublishbooleantrueWhether to include code coverage data in the Projektor report (if the build has coverage enabled with the Jacoco plugin)

** Required


Projektor Cz

Plugin versionServer versionJava version
1.0.0 -

Configure and apply via another plugin

Proyector Portatil

In larger organizations it can be common to have base plugins that apply and configure a common setof plugins used by each project. To apply the ProjektorPublishPlugin this way from another plugin: