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(Kim Do-hyeon)
Personal information
BornAugust 15, 1997 (age 23)
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Nickname(s)Big Boss Pine
Career information
LeagueOverwatch League
Career history
2016–2017LW Red
2017LW Blue
2018–2019New York Excelsior
Career highlights and awards
  • 2× OWL Stage champion (2018)
  • 2× OWL All-Star (2018, 2019)

Kim Do-hyeon (Korean: 김도현), better known as his online alias Pine, is a retired South Korean professional Overwatch player of the Overwatch League (OWL). Kim began his professional career with LW Blue in the Overwatch APEX series. In 2018, Kim signed with the New York Excelsior (NYXL) for the Overwatch League inaugural season. After playing for two seasons with NYXL, he announced his decision to retire from professional Overwatch. He now is an active streamer affiliated with Andbox, NYXL's parent company.

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Early life[edit]

Pine was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea with an older brother and sister. When he was young, he was diagnosed with ADHD which made it more difficult for him to make friends and socialize. Later in school, he became interested in playing badminton and continued to do so competitively until he had to stop because of a toe injury. Throughout middle school and high school, he played FPS, such as Team Fortress 2.[1] Due to his fascination with playing video games, his relationship with his parents became strained. After high school, he decided to go enroll in a culinary arts university, only to drop out after the first semester in order to pursue a career in esports.[1]

Professional career[edit]

LW Blue[edit]

Pine was signed onto the team LW Blue as a DPS for the Overwatch APEX competition in April 2017.[2] He played for LW Blue until signing on with the New York Excelsior in October 2017.[3]

New York Excelsior[edit]



Schoolhouse Rock Live Jr

Kim was picked up by New York Excelsior as a flex DPS for the 2018 season of Overwatch League.[3] Although he only played when needed, he garnered a large amount of attention due to his high-risk, high-reward playstyle and his lightheartedness. In Stage 1, when the NYXL was facing the Houston Outlaws, he played as Mcree and almost eliminated the entire enemy team. During this play, caster Erik 'DoA' Lonnquist crowned him 'Big Boss Pine,' which became the catalyst for Kim's nickname 'Big Boss Pine.'[4]

Although he performed well in Stage 1, he missed all but one week in Stage 2.[5] After getting reverse swept by the London Spitfire in the Stage 1 Finals, he said that he felt very stressed because it was the only match that he had played in, and the stress built into depression.[5] Not only did he have to cope with depression, but he also had a panic disorder.[6] The nickname that he earned from Stage 1 pressured him into trying to constantly perform extremely well in order to live up to the expectations of fans.[7][8] This combined with his mental health issues, worsened the blow when he noticed that the only game that NYXL lost in Stage 2 was when he played.[6][9] He was able to overcome these disorders with help from the people around him, especially Andrew Kim, the player manager for NYXL, who would come up to him and encourage him to open up about his issues.[10] This led to Kim to decide to take time off before returning to the Overwatch League stage. This development also shed light on the importance of mental health among esports players and the rigor of their daily schedules.[11]


While Kim was still apart of the New York Excelsior, he made no appearance on the Overwatch League stage during the regular second season. This was due to the change in metas in Overwatch, where a team composition of three tanks and three healers (GOATS) was favored over DPS. He made an appearance at the All Star event as a starter for Atlantic team's roster.[12]

Towards the end of Overwatch League Season 2, Kim made a statement during one of his streams (later uploaded to YouTube) that 'the game Overwatch doesn't agree with [him],' and that they have different goals.[13] Starting with Stage 1 in Season 2 of Overwatch League, Kim stated that he felt lost during that time because the meta did not favor his hero pool. Although in Stages 3 and 4, there was a favorable meta change for him, he thought that his team would get into trouble if he asked for a match.[14] This was also due to his acknowledgement of being an inconsistent player. Pine stated that his confidence was being shaken, because although he wanted to play, he always remained on the bench, even when he asked to be put in.[14] After Season 2 of Overwatch League ended, it was announced by NYXL that Pine was retiring and that he would continue to be an affiliated streamer with Andbox, NYXL's parent company.[15]


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Pine-Richland head football coach Eric Kasperowicz has been fired, current and former members of the team told Pittsburgh's Action News 4 on Wednesday evening.

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A current Pine-Richland football player said he was recently interviewed by the district athletic director about an allegation of hazing in the locker room. He said there is no truth to that allegation.

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Northern Regional Police department confirmed Thursday morning that there is no active investigation into hazing allegations in the district and there haven't been any reports of hazing incidents.

Ocean Pines Players

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 obtained an email to the football team’s booster club from the district’s athletic director. It said in part: “The Pine-Richland Athletic Department is posting the position of varsity head football coach. This will impact all assistant coaches as well.”

Kasperowicz led the football team to seven WPIAL championship titles and the team won the state championship in 2020.

He released the following statement Thursday:

“I was informed yesterday that my coaching contract will not be renewed. I am disappointed by this decision and want to unequivocally state that no bullying or hazing took place in the Pine-Richland football program under my watch. I have never condoned any bullying or hazing. If I became aware of any such claims, I met with the individuals and immediately put an end to it. I addressed and resolved these infrequent events over my 8-year tenure internally within the team. The players and coaches were made aware of my zero tolerance for this type of behavior. Certainly if bullying or hazing had occurred under my watch, I would have followed proper reporting procedures as I have always done throughout my professional career. I want to thank all my supporters who know the safety and well being of students is and will always be my utmost priority.”

The Pine-Richland School District released the following statement Thursday morning:

'The Pine-Richland School District does not comment on personnel matters. The Pine-Richland Athletic Department will be advertising for the position of varsity head football coach. The team has earned on-the-field success. The athletic department recognizes the time, energy, and expertise invested by the entire coaching staff.'

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