Photo Reader

Photo Reader for iPhone, iPad and Macintosh (iOS and macOS)

With Photo Reader for iOS and macOS, you can extract text (scan) from any photo or image.Using the app, you select a photo, or make a photo of a document, and then the app will then very quickly present you the text found in the photo.

Also included are:

  • Photos Editing Extension
  • Share Extension

The provided extensions are very useful, because in many cases you don't even have to launch the app.

A RAW photo viewer is a computer program that makes possible for the user to access photos in RAW format. Essentially, this is the format that professional cameras store their images, so as to allow more data to be captured and stored with the image.

Photos Editing Extension

You can use Photo Reader while in Photos, for example. Tap on a photo, then tap Edit in the upper right.Now tap on the ellipsis (..) button to call on Photo Reader.

Share Extension

Or you can use Photo Reader at any time where you are looking at a photo or image and your favorite app allows to 'share' the photo or image. Kakaotalk.


  1. Photo viewer is computer software that can display stored pictures. These tools can handle many common file formats like PNG, BMP, JPG, etc. You can use software to rename, cut, copy, delete, and convert images from one format to another. Many applications enable you to view images in full-screen mode without any hassle.
  2. Download Photo Viewer. Free and safe download. Download the latest version of the top software, games, programs and apps in 2021.
  3. 123 Photo Viewer is a very fast, very easy to use viewer that supports psd, dds, tga, webp and many other formats.

Please see the Apple web page for screenshots and app previews.

Supported Languages

In particular, Photo Reader works very good with English, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Spanish.


Photo Reader To Read Sandisk Card

Photo Reader

Photo Reader is translated in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese.

Offering Universal Purchase

Photo Reader Software

You can purchase the app from the App Store. You will get both the iOS and macOS apps.

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