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A random password generator is a tool that frees you from having to constantly come up with unique passwords for each of your sites. It works by automatically generating strong and random passwords that include combinations of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters. These combinations can be adjusted to fit different sites' unique password requirements.

A strong password should include a mix of lower-case and upper-case letters, numbers, and special characters. However, the overall password length is even more important than the characters used, as password cracking programs will start with shorter password guesses before moving on to longer phrases. A password created by a password generator will be much more secure than the one you come up with yourself. The safety of a password generator depends on two things: the security of the password generator website and the software it uses.

1) Use a different password for every site
Reusing the same password is very risky. If a hacker is able to figure out your password for one account, they could very well access all of your accounts that share that password. To increase your security, it's important to generate random passwords for every site. RoboForm's built-in password generator lets you to quickly generate passwords within your browser or mobile applications, ensuring they're unique for each and every site. In fact, in a recent independent third-party audit, RoboForm's web password generator scored the highest of all well-known password managers.
2) Use a password generator to create strong passwords
Strong passwords are complex, impossible to guess, at least 16 characters, and do not include any dictionary words, common symbol substitutions (@ for'a'), or personally identifiable information such as birthdays and names of pets, friends, and family members. Passwords that properly adhere to these guidelines are evaluated as 'Strong' by the RoboForm Security Center.
3) Store your passwords in a password manager
Free your memory and keep your complex passwords secure by storing them in RoboForm.
4) Verify the strength of your passwords
Within RoboForm, visit the Security Center to identify the strength of your existing passwords. You can also verify the strength of passwords not yet stored within RoboForm by using our How Secure is my Password? page.
5) Update your passwords when necessary
Always update your password if you have any reason to believe that it has been compromised or exposed; especially after any notification of a site breach or potential breach. Be sure to also update any passwords that are not currently scored as 'Strong' by the RoboForm Security Center.


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What is Multiple Password Generator?

If you want to generate more than one secure and random passwords you can generate using 'Multiple Password Generator' tool. You can select up to 100 passwords to be generated from No. of Passwords option at once using the web app. This tool provides a simple interface that is easy to understand and very useful if you are looking to generate multiple passwords that are secure if you are creating multiple accounts.

Password Generator Norton

Soundwaves. The tool provides you with many options from where you can choose how many characters you want to add in your password, what type of characters you want to add like special character, numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters etc.