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About Us

  • ODESI ECOB executive team has more than 15 years experience in software application design and development. We focused especially in developing web and mobile application solutions. Our first web-based property solution was developed in 2012, a complete customised solution for the government in Malaysia. We have bring the property industry into next level whereby the users can access the application anytime, anywhere with real-time information on-the-go.
  • Today, we have most comprehensive out-of-box property solution platform running on latest web technology. It is a complete, fully integrated end-to-end property application solution for the strata and property management industry. We strive to bring the most innovative solution for the property industry and empower the enterprise with most advanced tools for their business.

Odesi Music

Odesi is sketchpad for music producers, songwriters and DJs. You can quickly explore ideas, try different basslines, and figure out what sounds amazing with your synths. Odesi helps you: Write chord progressions that add mood to your music (watch the video on the right) Write catchy hooks; Write original basslines and beats. ODESI is a web-based data exploration, and analysis tool. Adblocker privacy pro for windows 10. A unique partnership between university libraries, business, and government, ODESI greatly improves access to statistical social survey and polling data for researchers, teachers and students.