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Under construction? …Send in your questions and I will see how to fill this chapter ;-)



Question : I am running Mac OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks or newer): I started encoding before bedtime, and it is still not finished this morning! Why is it so slow?

Answer : Apple has introduced a new feature in Mavericks: 'App Nap'. Its theoretical goal is to preserve your laptop battery. In practice, this option applies even to desktop computers and pauses encoding during your absence (so, if the encoding was asleep, it can not be finished when you get back on your computer…).
What to do : MovieConverter-Studio integrates Apple's guidelines to disable this feature, but it seems that it is not very effective!!!
How to manually disable this bug this great functionality :

  • Go to the 'Finder', and select the application 'MovieConverter-Studio'
  • display its information (menu 'File' > 'Get Info')
  • Check 'Prevent App Nap'
…Phew, you just restore the normal behavior: so the encoding will no more fall asleep during your absence ;-)Movieconverter-studio pro 8


Question : I registred the application, but I forget my codes. Where can I recover them?

Answer: Click here…


Software for Mac OS X: MovieConverter Studio, expert's functions 'for dummies'. Welcome to MovieConverter 'Studio part'. Make your own DVD (with animated m. MovieConverter Studio for Mac solves this problem through its conversion abilities, but with a moderate price tag. Available as a free trial version, which limits the video output to three minutes.

Question : What are the differences between the registered version from the website and the registered version from the Mac App Store?

Answer: Some minor differences:
Both versions allow you to select the destination folder of your conversions. But you could not assign a 'default personnalized destination folder' with the Mac App Store version (it is automatically selected it for you, it's your 'Movies' folder). Why? For safety reasons, because Apple decided safety rules about how to access to your hard drive.
No other functional difference.

Movieconverter-studio pro app


Movieconverter-studio Pro -

Question : What are differences between the standard version and the Pro version ?

Answer: The standard version can output up to HD 720p.
The Pro version can output up to HD 1080p.
The Pro version allows to output 'videos for editing' in ProRes format, with your preferred ProRes.
The Pro version allows more accuracy with 'comb effects' management (the standard version naturally integrates a secure management of fields 'without comb effects' during the broadcast, but this setting is not customizable).
No others differences.


Question : My video has no sound anymore after MCS encoding 'for DVD', however I have Apple's MPEG2 codec which enables me to read this type of video files!

Answer : No concern, it is normal :-)
Your audio was encoded to AC3, the most compatible audio format with DVD hardwares.
But QuickTime cannot read AC3 audio in a '.mpeg' file (nor Perian codec).

Question : What to do?

Answer : Consult your resulting mpeg with VLC: 'yeepee kay-ay, it has sound!'
(and -of course- your home dvd player will play the sound too ;-))


Movieconverter-studio Pro Software


Question : Your 'DVD-VIDEO' module is zero, it will not even accept my '.avi' video!

Answer: The 'DVD-VIDEO' module generates -for you- the complex DVD-VIDEO structure from DVD's compatible files (and proposes to you to burn it).
A DVD-VIDEO has some special needs, only some mpeg videos are compatible with its norm…
How to get these compatible files? By preparing them in the main 'Encoding' module (and select 'DVD' as the output format).
Your .avi (or any other type of file) will be converted 'to DVD'. So, give the converted file to the module 'DVD-VIDEO', which accepts it and will prepare to you a disc ready for your home dvd player ;-)


Movie Converter Studio Program

Question : I'm sure that I have the ProRes codec: I own FCP X, so I own the ProRes component, …isn't it?

Answer: Since the 'Mac App Store' and 'Mountain Lion' system (10.8), a codec is no longer available by default for all the system, but its use is restricted to some applications (depending on its location onto your hard disk). E.g.: the ProRes codec installed by FCP X, is for its private use only.
To allow its access to all applications, follow instructions from Apple.


Question : I still use the old 'Mountain Lion' system (Mac OS X.8 or older). Where can I find a compatible version? Where can I download the previous version 3 of MovieConverter?

Answer : MovieConverter version 3.09 is available here (it's the last version compatible with mac with processors PowerPC or Intel, ans compatible with Mac OS X.6 'Snow Leopard', X.7 'Lion' et X/8 'Mountain Lion').

Movie Converter Studio Pro Download


Movieconverter-studio Pro Apk

Question : DV encoding is ugly!

Answer : seeing it with QuickTime Player?
QuickTime integrates a lot of automatisms to display DV files, use VLC to consult it (VLC does not modify -without to prevent you- the way it displays video files).
…and you will see that your DV encoding has an excellent quality :-)

Movieconverter-studio Pro App

And send in your other questions
(…and I will see how to fill it in future ;-)) Aspect ratio calculator.