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Little (a nickname, real name Chiron) is a nine year-old boy living in Miami. He is constantly harassed and teased by bullies, but he doesn’t understand why until they call him a “faggot” one day. Little despises being at home with his mother and seeks refuge in the home of Juan and Teresa. His best friend is Kevin, a more popular little boy.


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🔥 Gaullin - Moonlight↪︎Nation Spotify: Gaulli. I know Moonlight has not gotten rave reviews, has been likened to so many other vampire stories but, it truly is different. John is a new breed of vampire with new rules, new ways of meeting his needs and, a new outlook on being a vampire. The Moonlight is a Hardmode tool and the counterpart to Daylight, moving the clock to night when it is day, 'summoning' the moon. It can only be used during the day. 1 Crafting 1.1 Recipe 1.2 Used in 2 Notes It cannot be used when any boss is alive. It can be used to skip or end a Solar Eclipse.

Chiron is the high-school-aged version of Little, who still struggles with his sexuality, bullying, and his resentment towards his drug-addled mother.


Black is Chiron as a grown man. He runs a drug ring in Atlanta and has changed into a somewhat hardened criminal. He lives a sexless life, having never gotten over the rupture between him and Kevin.


Juan operates a crack dealing ring in Miami and takes Little under his wing when he notices him being chased by bullies one day. He becomes a father figure to Little and, alongside his girlfriend, Teresa, provides Little with a refuge from his tumultuous home life.


Juan’s girlfriend. She becomes a mother figure to Little and Chiron, using comfort food to induce him to share his troubles with her and Juan.



Chiron’s mother. She begins as a kind, hard-working mother but later becomes addicted to crack and grows into an abusive mother. Once Chiron reaches adulthood, she recovers from her addiction and starts reaching out to Chiron in an attempt to mend their relationship.



Juan’s employee, a dealer.



A high school bully who forces Kevin to beat up Chiron. Chiron later seeks revenge on Terrel.



Chiron’s closest friend growing up. Chiron and Kevin’s relationship briefly becomes romantic when they reach high school, but the two part ways after Kevin chooses to beat up Chiron under orders from a bully. Later in life, Kevin goes to prison, has a child, and becomes a cook at a diner. He reaches out to Chiron in an attempt to mend their relationship.

Moonlight Sonata




Moonlight Serenade

Chiron’s employee, a dealer.