We teach couples how to win with their money as a team, by sharing our own stories of wins and losses. Speaking of which, we didn’t get here by accident.

The AWKWARD beginning

Almost two years ago, our dreamy Cancun honeymoon was coming to a close. We were about to come home to the reality that we were in debt. Big big debt.

About Moneywell. Moneywell is a pawn broker program that is web-based, Software-as-a-Service that originates, tracks and reports transactions common to pawn shops, thrift and consignment stores, metal buyers, scrap yards and gun shows, etc. It is easy to use and thorough enough to fix all your day to day issues. Moneywell Management Company. Property Management. Business Profile. Moneywell Management Company. 1207 S Clinton Ave. Trenton, NJ (609) 318-0700. Additional business information.

But we didn’t know how to talk about our money, let alone make a plan to be successful with it.

Like many other couples, we didn’t agree on how to manage our money. We each brought unspoken money expectations to the marriage that prevented us from getting on the same page.

We were directionless with our money and disconnected from each other.

The “talk”

Soon after the honeymoon, we took one painful step toward addressing our money.

The saver in our relationship kindly said to the spender, “I think we need to pay off all our debt asap.”

All heck broke loose for a few days.
What would our friends and parents think?
No house? No vacations? No fancy SUV ready for carseats?
Until we are debt free? That could take YEARS.

Financial freedom seemed so far away. We felt the weight of defeat and dread. Hopeless and even frustrated with each other.

But we realized God has more for us than rock bottom. And we decided to go for it.


God’s plan for us is not to be distant in our marriage and lost with our money. He wants us to live in abundant financial health and build our marriage on a solid rock of unity and teamwork.

It wasn’t pretty, but we agreed to this shared vision of getting debt-free. And it involved hard work.

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  1. Full financial transparency: combined finances, no secret credit cards or checking accounts.

  2. A written monthly budget that we create together.

  3. Loving, grace-filled accountability to stay focused. Not controlling or threatening.

  4. Regular check-ins to stay in constant connection with each other.

  5. Daily time with God to stay aligned with His direction for our finances.

the new reality

At the end of 2021, we officially became debt-free and completed our $96k payoff journey! After 25 months of intense focus and hard work, we’re still adjusting to the a new normal and solidifying our next financial goals. But first we celebrated with a date night and increasing our retirement contributions!

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Moneywell is a comprehensive pawn shop software program designed specifically for use in pawn shop point-of-sale. It includes a user-friendly interface and one on one customer service. It is readily available to you whenever you need it. This software is easy to use, so even first time pawn shop owners can use it successfully. It includes all the necessary functions to run your business without a hitch. Moneywell combines all of your software needs into one program, providing you with all the tools necessary to run a successful business.


Pawn Feature of Moneywell

  • Searches loans and redeems, includes comprehensive search criteria, including strings.
  • Calculates loans on-the-spot.
  • Uses multiple rate tables and pro-rating.
  • Calculates principal balance reductions and partial payments.
  • Works with cash drawers and laser/label printers.
Moneywell loans
  • Works with handheld/driver’s license scanners and signature/thumb pads.
  • Scans driver’s license or other state ID for customer entry via 2D-barcode or magnetic scanner.
  • Creates customer database with sales, pawn, and payment histories.
  • Displays customers’ statistics for quick, informed decision-making.
  • Captures item picture and customer picture, ID, and fingerprint.
  • Sends email or text notifications when payments are due.
  • Describes product brands and models.
  • Generates labels and tickets.
  • Allows user-defined item categories.
  • Generates and manages loans, redeems, and forfeits.
  • Processes several pawns at the same time.
  • Modifies interest charges on pawns.
  • Allows for customized rate fees and nontaxable service fees.
  • Captures products by brand, model, and serial numbers.
  • Manages forfeit dates and coordinates pulls into inventory from pawns, buys, and layaways.
  • Allows pulls to inventory or scrap and for cost-off.
  • Allows history to be viewed while entering transactions.
  • Presents click-and-pay payment screens.
  • Generates receipts.
  • Maintains customer payment history.
  • Locks-out unsuitable customers.
  • Allows selection of mandatory information.
  • Complies with and automatically reports to local authorities, Leads Online, BWI, and/or FINDER.

Sell Feature of Moneywell

  • Searches inventory, purchases and layaways includes comprehensive search criteria, including strings.
  • Allows inventory from a vendor to be added by bypassing the pawn system.
  • Allows the transfer of inventory between stores.
  • Generates and manages sales from inventory.
  • Generates and manages layaways.
  • Sends either email or text notifications as reminders or alerts — for layaway payments due, upcoming sales, or availability of a specific item.
  • Generates and manages messages to your customers directly from their profile.
  • Cross-checks wanted items with inventory.
  • Reconciles and counts inventory.
  • Tracks in-store credits.
  • Tracks all layaways.
  • Tracks inventory and cost of goods sold by employee.
  • Tracks inventory turn, profit margins and sales profit margins by employee.
  • Prints barcodes on labels for easier item scanning, inventory tracking, and faster transactions.
  • Creates labels for targeted mailings.

Manage Feature of Moneywell

  • Runs a single, end-of-day report of all activities and for daily cash drawer balancing.
  • Produces detailed history of actions for one/all employee(s) over a date range or for specific actions.
  • Monitors activities and sets permissions for employees, store managers, owners, etc.
  • Allows menu access-level security.
  • Produces spreadsheet-compatible reports and store statistics to assist in decision-making and business tracking, including reports for cost of goods sold and sales tax.
  • Lists profitability by transaction, item type, or employee.
  • Logs and archives every transaction, including every alteration.

Moneywell Management Inc

  • Tracks and produces reports for individual cash drawers.
  • Manages a single cash drawer (single-user) or multiple cash drawers (multi-user) in a single store.
  • Prints demographic reports so you can know your customers.

Moneywell Management Portal

  • Combines duplicate customers.
  • Allows you to undo payments and pulls.
  • Allows customization to your operations.
  • ATF compliant. Complete gun log and transaction history as well as complete acquisition/disposition by customer or date. Offers 4473 printing.

System Overview Feature of Moneywell

  • Cloud-based, point-of-sale system, accessible in any browser (Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) Technical back-end uses current programming technologies.
  • High-performance data engine. Data saved with complete integrity on private, dedicated servers.
  • No need for constant backups.
  • Very integrated, intuitive, and user-friendly interface presented in a straightforward, clean design.
  • Moneywell successfully runs on any desktop, laptop or tablet (with separate keyboard) that has a current browser and high-speed Internet connection. Take photos of bulky items with your digital camera, smartphone or smartwatch and upload them to Moneywell. The program supports a magnetic scanner, 2D-barcode reader, laser printer, or ink jet printer, so any may be used.
  • Although Moneywell is an incredibly simple and intuitive program, tutorials are being prepared. We are available via email or telephone call if assistance is needed.

Pricing For Moneywell Products

  • Moneywell is competitively priced. You pay one price per month, period. No monthly contracts, and get your first license for free.
  • Essential Package: A store with one computer and a single cash drawer. Contact us for current promotional pricing.
  • Professional Package: Contact us for current promotional pricing.
  • All-Inclusive Package: Contact us for current promotional pricing.

Moneywell Download

Call for a free demo (719) 559-1945, and to start using Moneywell pawn today!