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Menumate, combined with the back office system allows ward staff to record each patient’s meal order at the bedside. Menumate provides a Point of Sale system that is built with the technology and tools to support you in running an efficient business. We have grown considerably and are an essential partner to many leading hospitality businesses. We understand first hand that business success doesn’t happen by chance. Menumate is a point of sale and inventory management solution that works with Mews to make food and beverage operations faster and simpler. The integration allows hotels to automate the transfer and management of inventory as well as non-room revenue whilst using Mews as a central source of truth.

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Welcome to LoyaltyMate Register. Forgotten Password? Menumate on a handheld device includes easy to use navigation and is driven by the staff at bedside for meal orders. Once completed, choices are submitted directly and instantly to the catering department for fulfilment.

Menus Where You Need Them

MenuMate displays a copy of an app's menu bar items whenever you want, right next to the cursor!

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Whether you have large monitor or multiple monitors, having to lookup and reach over to get to an app’s menu is pain. You lose your place and the repeated motion is hard on your wrist.

MenuMate puts your app’s menus were you need them - at your cursor. Just click your mouse or hit a hot key - no weird shortcuts to remember, no taking your eyes off your work! Not only does MenuMate speed things up, but it takes the pain out of working by preventing repetitive strain on your wrist.


FAST - side-by-side tests have shown that MenuMate is 50% to 70% faster than the nearest competitor.

  • Mouse button or Hot Key activated – you choose
  • Fast menu popup
  • Displays shortcuts if you want to use them
  • Supports virtually any application
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All you need to do is assign a hotkey or mouse button (other than left or right) to it. If you have a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad, you can use Magic Prefs (free) to create a virtual centre button for them. To access MenuMate's preferences, just click on the octopus icon in the menu bar.

Widsmob denoise. Keep your focus and save your wrist by bringing your app’s menus with you!