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Memory: Memtest86+. A free, standalone memory testing program. Memory: Windows Memory Diagnostic. A free memory test tool provided by Microsoft. Similar to other memory testing programs, Windows Memory Diagnostic does a series of extensive tests to see if anything is wrong with your computer memory. Overclocking: Memory Diag helps you to keep an eye on your systems memory. Quickly access detailed memory information and diagnosis with a simple click on your menu bar. Run Memory Diagnostics utility on a bootable PC. This is the ideal method when your PC is.

Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. Running Memory diagnoses would be a good thing to do as the first step of your troubleshooting process. It can help you to detect the memory problem of your PC. The windows memory diagnostic tool runs a comprehensive test and displays the test results so you can take immediate action. Here follow steps below to.

A memory diagnostic is a test which is run to confirm that computer memory is in good condition. The random access memory (RAM) computers are fitted with can be fragile, and it is a good idea to check it regularly and to check new RAM when it is installed. If the memory is damaged, it needs to be replaced to prevent problems with the computer. People can run diagnostics at home, or ask a technician to run a diagnostic for them if they do not feel comfortable doing it on their own.

Many operating systems come with a built in memory diagnostic utility, and standalone versions are available as well, including versions which can be used to evaluate a computer's RAM when no operating system is present. In all cases, the diagnostic can take varying amounts of time to run, going through a series of tests and then indicating whether or not the memory passed. If the result is a failure, the memory should be removed and replaced before proceeding with any other activities.

When people start encountering stop errors, sluggish software, operating system problems, and other erratic behaviors on their computers, it can be a sign that something has gone wrong with the memory. Sometimes, the computer may even display a specific error message indicating that the RAM is faulty and it needs to be inspected and possibly replaced. In all of these cases, a memory diagnostic can be used to learn more about the situation, and, if nothing else, it will rule out bad memory as the culprit for the problems.

Running a diagnostic when a computer has an operating system usually requires that the computer be restarted to run the system memory test. The computer will display a screen indicating that the test is running, and then will restart again to provide the results. Other diagnostic utilities can also be run to identify signs of problems, such as viral infection, damage to the hard drive, and so forth.

If the memory fails the test, it means that it is damaged and potentially unstable. While it may be possible to use the computer, people run the risk of losing data or experiencing other problems, which makes it advisable to replace the memory. When the memory is replaced, another memory diagnostic should be performed to confirm that the new memory is in good condition. If it is faulty, it should be returned; most retailers know that sometimes there are problems out of the box, and they will provide a replacement product with a minimum of fuss when people explain that the RAM failed a memory diagnostic.

Find a clinic near you! WAI Affiliated Dementia Diagnostic Clinics listed by county. Please click on the county to see clinic phone number and links to more details about the clinics.

New: A list of network memory clinics with experience working with individuals living with an intellectual developmental disability.

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Ashland County

Barron County

Marshfield Clinic Memory Disorders Clinic-Rice Lake
Phone: (715) 858-4500

Brown County

Green Bay VA Health Care Center Memory Assessment Clinic
(920) 431-2500

Prevea Health Clinic
(920) 272-1610

Dane County

Madison VA Memory Assessment Clinic
(608) 280-7000

UW Health East
(608) 265-1295

UW Health Hospital and Clinics Memory Assessment Clinic
(608) 263-7740

UW Health Neurology Memory Clinic
(608) 263-542

UW Health Neurology Memory Clinic – 20 S. Park
(608) 287-2090

Door County

Eau Claire County

Marshfield Clinic Memory Disorders Clinic – Eau Claire
(715) 858-4500

Mayo Clinic Health System Memory Care Clinic
(715) 838-1900

Prevea Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic
(715) 839-5175

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Green County

Grant County

Memory Diag

Southwest Health Center Memory Diagnostic Clinic
(608) 348-3656

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Juneau Couunty

La Crosse County

Mayo Clinic Health System Dementia Program
(608) 392-9505

MiND Clinic
(608) 775-9000

Manitowoc County

Aurora Two Rivers Memory Assessment Clinic
(920) 793-2281

Lakeshore Memory Clinic
(920) 320-8600


Marathon County

Marshfield Clinic Cognitive Neurology and Memory Disorders Clinic
(715) 387-5350

Milwaukee County

Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin Geriatrics Memory Disorders Clinic
(414) 805-6850

Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin Neurology Memory Disorders Clinic
(414) 805-8710

Center for Senior Health and Longevity
(414) 219-7300

Milwaukee Health Services Memory Clinic
(414) 267-4052

Senior Memory Assessment Center – St. Anne’s
(262) 513-0700

UCC Latino Geriatric Center
(414) 649-2805

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Oneida County


What Does Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool Do

Marshfield Clinic Minocqua Center
(715) 358-1793

Northern Wisconsin Memory Diagnostic Center (Rhinelander)
(715) 361-4322

Outagamie County

Mosaic Family Health – Fox Valley Family Medicine
(920) 832-2783

Polk County

St. Croix Regional Medical Center Memory Clinic
(715) 483-3261

Richland County

Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic
(608) 647-6161

Memory Diagnostic Results

Sauk County

Richland Area Geriatric Assessment Clinic – Reedsburg
(608) 647-6161

UW Health Specialty Clinic – Sauk Prairie
(608) 643-6060

Waukesha County

Center for Senior Health & Longevity at Summit
(414) 219-7300

Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin Geriatric Psychiatry Clinic
(262) 502-3300

Prohealth Care Senior Health Services
(262) 928-7898

Senior Memory Assessment Center
(262) 513-0700

Winnebago County

Memory Diagnostic Tool

Wood County

Marshfield Clinic Cognitive Neurology and Memory Disorders Clinic
(715) 387-5350