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for Macintosh Plus and Mini vMac

MacSOUP is an offline reader for Usenet newsgroups and Internet e-mail. If you don't know what newsgroups are, you probably don't need this program. MacSOUP is primarily a newsreader, its e-mail. MacSOUP is strongly thread and discussions oriented, binary support is quite poor. MacSOUP handles filters for both killfile and auto-highlight (tag), both per newsgroup and globally, based upon specific headers or every header, both simple and regex. Filtering (just like searching) is.

Create self-reading documents by printing from any application.

Standalone document maker.

For creating simple standalone slide shows of images or text.

A “simple little text-based flashcard application.”

MacFlow (link)

Create flowcharts, organization charts, and more.

A collection of mini-applications.

Suite of desk accessories, for text editing, printing text files, terminal emulation, and charting.

For “generating soundex codes appropriate for looking up surnames in the US Census record etc.”

Scan folders for text files, and selectively change their creators.

Popcalendar. “Makes any text file dropped on it into a BBedit text file.”

“A simple typing tutor” for Dvorak.

A “simple program which lets you password protect any file.”


Create “simple adventure games with graphics, buttons, and text.”

Compiles “Inform language into Infocom format story files” (Z-code).

“Interpreter for Z-code text adventures.”

“Interpreter for TADs text adventures.”

Interpreter for Glulx text adventures.

Set the file type of IF (interactive fiction) files.

Interpreter for Hugo interactive fiction adventures.

Macsoup Llc

List upcoming interesting anniversaries of given date.

Log your time on your various projects.

A “countdown timer to keep track of ongoing tasks”.

A “metric / Internet time clock in your menu bar”

A “New Earth Time clock in your menu bar”

Chimes on the hour and half hour

A “simulation of a mechanical metronome”.

“Will compute loan payment, declining balance, and equity schedules”.

Apple DocViewer (link)

“Provides a standard way for Apple to distribute documentation to developers”.

HTML editor, which simultaneously displays source and result.

Converts text or RTF files into HTML format.

“offline reader for Usenet newsgroups and Internet e-mail”

Construct and simulate logic circuits.

Simulates ‘visable computer’ with simple CPU and memory.

Animated Turing Machine simulation.


Illustrates “geometric transformation, hierarchical computer graphics modeling, and animation.”

Animated illustration of five sorting algorithms.

Animations that illustrate various computer algorithms, such as sorting methods.

Three Dimensional Modeler

Searches “for text in multiple files.”

a few common email text processing operations

“Converts the end-of-line code of text files”

“A drag-and-drop utility for converting text files” end-of-line code.

Search in files for a character and replace

Translate TeX or LaTeX files between 7 bit standard and 8 bit Macintosh.

Concatenates files.

Performs 'a ROT-13 conversion on whatever is in the Clipboard'.

Encrypts one file using a second file as the key.

A simple encryption program.

“calculate the checksum and CRC32 of any file”.

Checksum of a text file, stored in the file itself.

Allows you to “play, display, analyze, modify and save sound samples.”

“convert batches of sounds from one format to another”.

Collects information about sounds into a TEXT file.

Collects information about sounds. Superseeded by SndCataloguer.

Converts “Pict file into EPS file.”

“Simple version of Hyper Card”.

Assists in “creating an index for a book”.

Database “of family history and other genealogical information.”

A “GEDCOM-to-HTML conversion program”.

creating or solving crossword puzzles


Helps in solving crosswords.

Calculates the chance of winning Lotto.

A “recipe management tool”.

DYOH Architecture (link)

Download Mac Soup

Drawing program customized for designing homes.

DYOH Landscape (link)

Drawing program customized for designing home landscapes.

Sprout! (link)

Drawing program customized for designing vegetable gardens.

“Drifts snowflakes down the screen”

“Program to scramble text”.

Determines whether the glider you design will fly

“Routines for the Handling of Space Group Symmetry”

“an artificial life simulator”

“Unix-like command line interface.”

MacMinix (link)

A simple unix like operating system for teaching.

“Models a microprogrammed processor”

An “emulator for the Digital Equipment PDP-8/E minicomputer”. - feedback
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