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Live Home 3D is the most intuitive and feature packed home design app, a successor of Live Interior 3D. Draft detailed 2D floor plans and watch as the structure is automatically built in 3D. Design and decorate the interior, optimizing the furniture arrangement and making smart color decisions in fully functional 3D environment. Apr 7, 2021 - Live Home 3D is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac or Windows. It doesn't matter whether you're a homeowner who is planning some upcoming home improvements or a professional interior designer trying to bridge the gap between ideas and visualization. Live Home 3D can help you. Live Home 3D is a design app used to create 2D and 3D mock ups. Create designs for homes, buildings and more with this complete design suite. All in one design. Featuring everything required to imagine, create and export fully professional design plans, Live Home 3D offers a complete design solution. Live Home 3D is powerful and easy to use home and interior design software for Windows, iOS, iPadOS and Mac. This app is a perfect solution for all your devices. This video shows the process of adding a roof. Topics covered include choosing of the roof and soffit type, adding objects and applying materials to a roof a.

Using Your Own 3D Models and Textures

You can also use your own objects and textures. Below you can find some web resources for 3D objects (3DS, SKP and Ogre XML formats supported) and textures, that can be used in Live Home 3D. Please note that we cannot guarantee that all 3D models and textures can be properly imported and used in Live Home 3D software. Check the model and texture copyrights on each particular website.

Powerful architectural portal based in Russia. News, architectural articles, forums and vast collections of 3D models and textures.

Live home 3dLive Home 3D

CGTrader is a 3D model marketplace for computer graphics and 3D printing, backed by a strong designer community.

Archive 3D
10,000+ free 3D models; free download and no registration required. Mostly interior models.

Live Home 3D

Archive Textures
Free 3,500+ high quality textures. Free download and no registration required.

Dosch Design
DOSCH DESIGN offers computer graphics products for 3D design, advertising, print publishing, architectural visualizations, animation, motion design and multimedia presentations. Great attention to product detail and quality is paired with the philosophy of making these products available to the user at a very attractive price. DOSCH DESIGN products are “license-free”, with no additional fees are due when used commercially.

Turbo Squid
Online marketplace hosting the largest collection of 3D models, motion capture files, textures and shaders ever assembled. Dedicated to the 3D community and serving as a resource for content developers who want access to 3D assets.
Leading provider of content and on-line community services for the professional creative computer graphic arts industry. Provides quality content for CG arts enthusiasts, inspiring, educating and empowering readers. The site was founded on March 21, 2001 for those people who are interested in the world of 3D technology.

Free exchange directory of 3DS studio max and similar type models. 3D artists and graphic designers can freely submit 3D models or download ones for personal and non-commercial use. In addition to the massive number of free models, the site also provides useful graphic design information and digital art samples from the most renowned industry artists.

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A wide range of high-quality 3D content and resources (e.g., 3D models, textures, software, articles, tutorials) for 3D interested users. This project is published by Mario Schwennicke.

3DOcean is an Envato Marketplace in which you can buy and sell royalty free 3D models, textures, concepts, materials and shaders. Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file.
Envato is a start-up based out of Australia with people around the world and sites serving pages every second. Adobe photoshop cc 2021. They started in a living room back in 2006 and have been steadily working to build the company into a world-class contender.

ArchiBit Generation s.r.l.
Tested team of planners, designers and consultants who develop architectural outsourcing in collaboration with international teams in New York and London. The site was created for sharing a great free download archive of DWG, 3DS, LWO and TEXTURE files, offered for free to provide an important service for all their colleagues.

Free Home Design Software
Links database for objects, information, textures, tools, modelers, plug-ins, meshes, forums, news groups and more.

A website dedicated to free 3D models, tutorials and materials, which are primarily set for the V-ray for Rhino render engine.

Live Home 3d

“Textures strives to be the world's best texture site. Being a 3D artist myself, I know how difficult it is to create textures without good photo materials. Making textures should be about creativity — not about frustrating hours looking for images on the Internet. By supplying good-quality textures in an organized manner, I hope your everyday work will be easier and more enjoyable.” — Marcel Vijfwinkel.

Free3D is a website on which you can find various 3D models in .3ds, .obj, .c4d, .3dm and other formats. You may download and use these models in any personal use project for free. You must have a valid email address to register.

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