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Legacy Gala 2021 was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who participated in preparing for the evening, and to everyone who attended. Our hope and prayer is that you felt the presence of the Lord and saw the heart of the mission of Libertas Christian School. Liberas, Gent, Belgium. 1,185 likes 73 talking about this 849 were here. Liberas is het referentiepunt voor de geschiedenis van de liberale beweging.

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These examples may contain rude words based on your search.
These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search.
you release you free
you freed
free yourself
But only if you release my daughter.
Let's say you release her in exchange for some information.
Alguien tendrá que distraer al Duque Alfonso mientras los liberas a todos.
Someone will have to distract Duke Alfonso whilst you free them all.
Si me liberas de aquí, los puedo compartir contigo.
If you free me from here, I can share them with you.
liberas a los maestros aire, y luego yo me entregare.
Yes. You release the airbenders, and then I'll turn myself over.
I'll agree to that if you release the severance package.
Si los liberas, estarán riéndose de un asesinato.
If you release them, you will be smiling on murder.
If you free them, I'll step out of your way.
Anything's possible when you free your minds.
Si liberas a los rehenes y sales, Resolveremos esto.
You release the hostages and walk on out, we will straighten this out.
Si nos liberas, apelaremos tu causa a los Señores del Tiempo.
If you free us, we'll plead your cause to the Time Lords.
If you release my men quickly.
Then you release your body from your mind.
Nos liberas de toda responsabilidad respecto a tus conexiones y relaciones con otros usuarios.
You release us from all liability relating to your connections and relationships with other users.
En una villa con 10000 mosquitos, liberas 100000 extra.
So in a village with 10,000 mosquitos, you release an extra 100,000.
Si ganamos, me devuelves mis kamas y liberas a la niña.
If we win, you give back my kamas and you free the girl.

Liberase Mnp

Cuando liberas tus patrones de victimización, liberas también al persecutor.
As you release your victimhood patterns, you release the persecutor.
If you unleash it, we all could die.


Una vez que lo liberas no puedes dar marcha atrás.
Once something's out there, you can never take it back.
Bien, lo hago, liberas a Nate y nunca volveré a verte.
I do this, Nate is released unhurt, and I never see you again.
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