1. Lattice Degeneration
  2. Lattice Degeneration
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Lattice degeneration is a thinning of the retina that happens over time. About 10 percent of people (1 in 10) have lattice degeneration. You need a healthy retina to see clearly, but most with this condition never have any symptoms or a loss in vision. Lattice supports each of us to focus on doing our best work and not be burdened with clunky systems that subscribe to outdated notions of performance management. Katelin Holloway — VP of People at Reddit 3,670+ People Leaders use Lattice to build a continuous performance management process. The lattice method is an alternative to long multiplication for numbers. In this approach, a lattice is first constructed, sized to fit the numbers being multiplied. If we are multiplying an -digit number by an -digit number, the size of the lattice is.

Lattice® MediCopia®

Ensuring quality and improving productivity through Positive Patient Identification (PPID)

Lattice provides patient safety software solutions that ensure quality and improve productivity for specimen collection, transfusion administration, infant feeding, medication administration and anatomical pathology tracking.

Lattice Degeneration

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Lattice MediCopia ensures quality and improves productivity for both nursing and phlebotomy by automating positive patient identification, allowing nurses and phlebotomists to focus on patient care. Our solutions print specimen labels at the bedside and ensure the right blood, breast milk, formula, patient meals and medications are matched to the right patient at the right time, and according to the right orders.


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Lattice Degeneration

Pathology Specimen Collection

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Lattice Multiplication

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