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с. воздушный змей, бумажный змей; змейковый аэростат, самолет; коршун; хищник; шулер, мошенник; дутый вексель
г. летать в воздухе, парить в воздухе; получать деньги по фиктивным векселям

Воздушный змей взмыл ввысь.
Он запускал змея вместе с сыном.
Он запускал змея.
Mowgli repeated, with the Kite's whistle at the end of the sentence.
Маугли повторил ту же фразу, закончив её свистом коршуна.
He whistled with surprise when he saw Mowgli being dragged up to a treetop and heard him give the Kite call for—'We be of one blood, thou and I.'
Увидев, что обезьяны тащили Маугли на вершину дерева, он засвистел от изумления и в ту же секунду услышал призыв: «Мы одной крови, ты и я».
Baloo looked up to see where the voice came from, and there was Rann the Kite, sweeping down with the sun shining on the upturned flanges of his wings.
Балу поднял голову, чтобы посмотреть, откуда звучал голос. В воздухе парил коршун Раин; он парил, опускаясь вниз, и солнце блестело на его крыльях.
'Full gorge and a deep sleep to you, Rann,' cried Bagheera. 'I will remember thee in my next kill, and put aside the head for thee alone, O best of kites!'
– Полный зоб и глубокий сон тебе, Ранн! – крикнула Багира. – Во время моей следующей охоты я не забуду о тебе и отложу голову для одного тебя, о лучший из коршунов.
Now he is telling all his wisdom to the kites, but he told me everything before I broke his back.
Теперь он передаёт свою мудрость коршунам, но раньше, чем я переломил ему спину, сказал мне решительно все.
He was dead, and the kites were coming for him already.
'Such tits,' Kite said and put a razor in his hand.
«Вот сосунки», - сказал Кайт и вложил ему в руку бритву.

increase the amount (of a check) fraudulently: increase
someone who is a very fierce fighter: fighter, hell-rooster, belligerent, scrapper, battler, gamecock, combatant
a bank check that has been fraudulently altered to increase its face value: bank check, cheque, check
soar or fly like a kite: glide
plaything consisting of a light frame covered with tissue paper; flown in wind at end of a string: toy, box kite, kite tail, stunt kite, sport kite, plaything
any of several small graceful hawks of the family Accipitridae having long pointed wings and feeding on insects and small animals: Accipitridae, Elanoides forficatus, black kite, white-tailed kite, swallow-tailed hawk, Milvus migrans, Elanus leucurus, family Accipitridae, swallow-tailed kite, hawk
get credit or money by using a bad check: obtain
fly a kite: fly
a bank check drawn on insufficient funds at another bank in order to take advantage of the float: bank check, cheque, check


kite balloonзмейковый аэростат
kite-balloonс. змейковый аэростат
kiteflyingс. зондирование почвы, получение денег по фиктивным векселям

Geogebra 6.0.631 download. European bird of prey, inferior hawk (Milvus ictinus, but applied elsewhere to similar birds), Old English cyta, probably imitative of its cry (compare ciegan 'to call,' German Kauz 'screech owl'). Of persons who prey on others, 1550s.

The toy kite, a light frame covered with paper or cloth, is first so-called 1660s, from its way of hovering in the air like a bird. The dismissive invitation to go fly a kite is attested by 1942, American English, probably tracing to the popular song of the same name (lyrics by Johnny Burke), sung by Bing Crosby in 'The Star Maker' (1939):

Go fly a kite and tie your troubles to the tail
They'll be blown away by a merry gale,
Go fly a kite and toss your worries to the wind
And they won't come back, they'll be too chagrined.

kite (v.)

in reference to writing a fictitious check, 1839, American English, from 1805 phrase fly a kite 'raise money by issuing commercial paper on nonexistent funds;' see kite (n.). Related: Kited; kiting.

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