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Epubor KCR Converter for Windows. Epubor KCR Converter for Mac. KCR Converter is a paid software, but you can download it for a free trial, which can help you convert 3 Kindle Cloud Reader books for free. Price: $14.99 for Windows, $14.99 for Mac Free Trial Limitation: Decrypt three complete Kindle books. Suitable Crowd: Use Chrome and edge. Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists.Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site.

As you have noticed, the most majority of Kindle books come with DRM protection. And now Amazon adopts KFX as their new ebook format. So many Kindle users may wonder if it is possible to remove DRM from KFX books and convert KFX to other formats, like ePub/PDF/Mobi/AZW3. And the answer is yes. So in this article, we are going to tell you more about KFX format and how to convert KFX to PDF.

What is KFX Format?

Highdesign. A KFX file is an eBook created in the Kindle Format 10, Amazon's successor to the AZW3 format. It contains an Amazon eBook, which includes the text and metadata describing the book. KFX files support enhanced typesetting capabilities that are not provided in previous formats, such as hyphenation, improved character placement and word spacing, and a more adaptable page layout and margins.

How to tell if a Kindle book is KFX format or not

If the Kindle book is described as Enhanced Typesetting enabled in its product details, then it is a KFX format book.

The KFX eBook downloaded from the Amazon store depends on the device being used to download and read the eBook. It may be saved in the KFX format or in the AZW format.

And KFX books downloaded with Kindle for PC/Mac is saved in AZW format.


While it will be saved in KFX format if it is downloaded with Kindle E-ink Reader.

How to Remove KFX DRM

Not long after Amazon adopts KFX as their latest format, Epubor software is the first software on the market to declare that it can remove DRM from KFX books. Since all KFX books has DRM protection and there's so many limitation about the encrypted KFX books, like you can only read the KFX books with Kindle apps or devices with firmware higher than 5.8 registered under your Amazon purchased account.

How to remove DRM from Kindle KFX files

Step 1install 1.24 or below version Kindle for PC/Mac to your computer and sign in with your Amazon account.

Step 2download Kindle books to your computer via version 1.24 or lower Kindle for PC/Mac.

Step 3download Epubor Ultimate to your computer and launch it.

Step 4add the Kindle books under Kindle Column from the left sidebar to the right main window. Then the DRMed AZW books will be decrypted immediately.

Important Tips

Tip 1: Epubor Ultimate can't remove KFX DRM if the Kindle books are downloaded from version 1.25 and above Kindle app. So we suggest you downgrade your Kindle app to an older version instead in order to decrypt Kindle books smoothly. You can follow this step-by-step guide to downgrade Kindle for PC/Mac manually or automatically.

Tip 2: For Mac users, if you have a Kindle e ink device, then you can use epubor ultimate to convert kindle books with the help of Kindle e ink device. If you don't have a Kindle e ink device, and your macOS is below than 10.15 Catalina, you can still use epubor ultimate to convert kindle books by downgrading Kindle for Mac to an older version(below version 1.23). However, if you don't have a Kindle e ink device, and your macOS is 10.15 Catalina or higher, you can use the command line to remove Kindle DRM without downgrading Kindle for Mac.

How to Convert KFX to PDF

Many people have the wrong perception that Calibre can open decrypted KFX book. While the fact is that neither can Calibre open DRM free KFX file nor can it convert KFX files for you. And Epubor Ultimate is the first software on the market to declare that it can remove DRM from KFX books as well as convert to ePub/Mobi/PDF/AZW3 format. Here's the guide about how to convert KFX to PDF.

First, you have to decrypted the KFX books. And the method about how to remove DRM from KFX is listed above.

Next, choose PDF as the output format and hit the Convert to PDF button. Then all of your decrypted KFX books listed on the main window will be converted in batch. The cool thing about Epubor software is that it can save you a lot of time. You can find the convert PDF book by simply clicking Succeeded.



Kcr Converter Review

Amazon claims there are around 100,000 e-books on their website that their titles in the new KFX format, chances are pretty good that you may someday get one KFX format book. So this article may help you relieve some concern about KFX files. At the same time, we also have provide you some solutions about how to remove DRM from KFX books as well convert KFX to PDF.

Hillary Lopez works for Epubor and writes articles about eBooks and eReaders. She explores the best method to help you read eBooks more freely and wants to share all she has got with you.


Note: We're sorry to tell you that Amazon has further upgraded Kindle Cloud Reader in August 2020 for security reasons, which has finally made it impossible to download books from Kindle Cloud Reader. As a result, Epubor KCR Converter can’t help you convert the Kindle books from now on.

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