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With NotePlan you get serious work done. It helps you to capture important details and keep track of things at work. Manage your calendar, todos and notes in one place. Find out how!
(macOS version is sold separately. The iOS version works on your iPhone and iPad)
1. Capture Your Thoughts
Open up today and get things off your mind. Quickly capture anything important: to-dos, details, journal entries, quotes, etc. Your mind works much better if you write down everything and don’t have to hold it in your memory.
2. Plan Your Day
Organise your tasks for the day by structuring them into headings and lists to get clarity and an overview of what needs to be done - Today. “Ultra-productive people don’t work from a to-do list, but they do live and work from their calendar.” - Forbes
3. Organize Your Projects
Create project notes for each of your goals, then schedule the to-dos into your calendar. Manage your calendar events & reminders alongside your to-dos to plan your time effectively.
4. Setup Your Routines
Establish daily routines that minimize decision making and free up your mental resources to tackle the important things. Create repeating reminders and events you do every day, week or month.
5. Review and Re-Schedule
Chances are, at the end of the day some to-dos are still open or you collected a few ideas which need your attention. Take your time and review them at the end of the day or week and make a quick decision: cancel, re-schedule or finish them right now.
1. Your Notes, Not Our’s
NotePlan saves and syncs all your notes in plain-text files securely on your iCloud Drive. We can’t see your notes, events, reminders or anything else. Events and Reminders are integrated with your iCloud account.
2. It’s Distraction-Free
NotePlan gets out of your way with a minimalistic design. It’s just you and your day. Tools are tucked away into a custom toolbar and you can use simple, adjustable Markdown to format your notes and to-dos.
3. It Gives You a Bird’s Eye View
The weekly and monthly calendar gives you an overview of your tasks. Days in the past will be marked if they still have open tasks. And a glimpse into the future days tell you what’s coming up.
4. It Combines Notes and Calendar
NotePlan allows you to work from notes and calendar at the same time, while giving you a glance at all the events and reminders of the day.
5. It Has Themes for Every Taste
Dark, light and everything in between. Select one of many themes to change the colors of the whole app, from clear white to elegant and complete black.
Get NotePlan for Mac and iOS (iPhone + iPad, sold separately) to enjoy the full power of NotePlan across your devices. The apps stay securely synced via iCloud and iCloud Drive. We don’t store your data on our servers.
NotePlan works without an active internet connection. Just for syncing your files you need internet.
If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please contact us. We provide fast and professional support: [email protected]



Thanks so much for all the feedback and for your support! Follow us on Twitter to get all the news or to say hi: @NotePlanApp Or email us your feedback: [email protected]
- NEW: You can check off items in the search results now
- NEW: Added option to turn off icon badge number (see in menubar 'Window' -> 'Show Icon Badge')
- FIXED: Crash issues fixed for the global search
- FIXED: Dropbox crash fixes and improved syncing
- FIXED: Wrong year for January 2021 displayed


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Apply Online to Study in Canada
Start your application at: https://application.edumontreal.ca
Then send us an email at: [email protected]

Admission process will go as follows:


Phase I (Student Application)

  1. Sign-up process
    1. Students must register an account under their name at: www.application.edumontreal.ca
    2. A confirmation and verification email will be sent to you from Institut Éducatif de Montréal. Please go to the activation link to activate your account. Once your account is verified, you will be able to access your page and fill out the program application.
  2. Receive a useful informative email
    1. An email will be sent to you once the verification is done and will contain:
      1. Key links to your account
      2. Programs details that you can choose from
      3. Communication channels with Institut Éducatif de Montréal
  3. Fill out your preferred program application
    1. Once you login to your online account, you will be able to see the program application. You will need to fill this out and make sure you write all the data in the correct format and EXACTLY as spelled on your official documents.
    2. Students should upload scanned copies of the below and attach them to the online program application. Required documents are:
      1. Signed refund and cancellation policy for International studies (French Program Refund Policy, English Program Refund Policy)
      2. Photocopies of Certificate/Diploma/Degree of the highest level of education achieved (documents should be in English/French or translated to English/French)
      3. Photocopy of the proof of English proficiency (valid IELTS or School certificate provided English was the main language (or 75%) of instruction. Please note that this is not required in case of taking language classes.
      4. Photocopy of the academic transcripts (documents should be in English/French or translated to English/French)
      5. Documents supporting work experience, if any.
      6. Scanned copy of your valid passport’s bio-data page.
    3. Please save, print and submit your application.
    4. Please note that application will NOT be processed if you don’t continue to step number 4 “Online Application Fees Payment”.
  4. Payment of international student filing fees
    1. An online form will appear and you will be prompted to pay, using a credit card, the required international program filing fees. Please make sure you keep a confirmation print out of your payment.
    2. Please note that your program application will not be reviewed until the application filing payment is done and verified.
  5. Receive payment confirmation and mail the original documents
    1. A payment confirmation email will be sent to you once the payment is processed.
    2. The email will contain the mailing address for Institut Éducatif de Montréal where students should mail original documents by “Fedex/Aramex/UPS/ DHL” to the following address:

Download openaudible. Institut Éducatif de Montréal
925 Rue De Maisonneuve West,
Suite# 210,
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0A5

Required document to be mailed:

      1. Completed, printed and signed application file to study at the academic institution
      2. Signed refund and cancellation policy for international studies
      3. Original Certificate/Diploma/Degree of the highest level of education achieved (documents should be in English/French or translated to English/French)
      4. Photocopy of the proof of English proficiency (valid IELTS or School certificate) (not required in case of taking language classes)
      5. Original school or university transcripts (documents should be in English/French or translated to English/French)
      6. Documents supporting work experience, if any
      7. Photocopy of the valid passport’s bio-data page
    1. Please check your student application account regularly to see when will you start Phase II.
    2. Once original documents are received, the review process will start. In case there are missing documents, an email will be sent to you. Your application will NOT be processed until all original documents are sent by mail and verified.

Phase II (Application review and tuition fees)

  1. Application review and assessment
    1. Institut Éducatif de Montréal will review the application and supporting documents.
      1. If the applicant is not accepted, an email will be sent to notify him/her of the rejection reasons. This detailed email will clarify the weak point on the file or any missing documents that are needed. The email will also include the refund process request.
      2. If the applicant is accepted, EduMontreal will generate a pre-admission acceptance letter to the applicant with necessary information on tuition fees and payment process and options.
  2. Tuition fees payment
    1. Student has to login to his/her account and select a payment option for tuition fees.
  3. Acceptance letter
    1. Once tuition fees are paid and received, the acceptance letter will be issued and sent to your email address. As well, a hardcopy will be sent to your mailing address. Email will include:
      1. Letter of acceptance
      2. Receipt indicating the amount received (fees paid)

Phase III (Student visa process and arrival to Canada)

  1. Receive CAQ document and visa process email
    1. Institut Éducatif de Montréal will apply on your behalf to get the Certificat d’acceptation du Québec “CAQ” and will cover its fees as well. Once this is done, an email will be sent to you with the CAQ letter to be presented to the Embassy of Canada – Student Visa Application.
    2. An email will be sent to the student with the required steps to apply for the Student Visa at the Embassy of Canada according to the country of citizenship.
      1. Link to the Embassy of Canada website
      2. Link to all forms that need to be filled out
      3. Process of scheduling visa appointment if needed
  2. Apply and schedule student visa appointment
  3. Please fill all the required documents as per the requirements sent by email before going to the Embassy of Canada.
      1. Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) that you received
      2. Family Information
      3. Proof of Means of Financial Support
      4. Passport or Travel Document
      5. Digital Photo
      6. Letter of Acceptance that you received
  4. After uploading all your documents, you may still have to go to the Embassy of Canada to present the official papers and deliver your passport to get your Student Visa
  5. Student Visa Results
    1. After finishing the Student Visa appointment, the officer will inform you of the results of your Student Visa application
      1. In case of acceptance, please upload a copy of your issued visa on your EduMontreal online account
      2. In case of rejection, please upload refusal document and process your refund application

Jane Calvert

  1. Acceptance and orientation
    1. Once the copy of your Student Visa is received, an email will be sent containing the following:
      1. Canada Orientation Guide and useful links
      2. Accommodation Support Kit
      3. Banking Support Kit
      4. Airport pickup request
  2. Welcome to CANADA!