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JAC DigitalJac digital marketing provides one or more resizable digital clocks showing the time in different locations around the world. JAC Digital distinguishes itself from other clock applications with its design philosophy 'for when you just need to know the time'.

The clock display is uncluttered and clear, designed for those times when knowing the time and date is of primary importance. A number of JAC Digital clocks can easily be arranged to echo the traditional 'office wall' row of time zone clocks.

The American Welding Society Digital Library is a collection of materials which focus on welding. San Jacinto College's offerings include AWS Codes & Standards, AWS Reference Packages and AWS Simulations and Videos. JAC Digital Inc. Began in 2017 to join influencers and brands on social media platforms. JAC Digital works with brands. JAC Digital Inc. Began in 2017 to join influencers and brands on a social media platforms. JAC Digital works with brands and services to grow their followings with brand and social media management. JAC Digital Inc., CEO Jordanna Cheifetz.


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Each individual clock can display the time in 12 or 24 hour mode. Optionally the date, time zone and morning/afternoon indication can all be shown on individual clock faces. These are all localised using the system language & calendar.

JAC Digital

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In addition to acting like normal application windows, clocks may be set float above other applications. Clocks can also be brought forward using a Spaces/Mission Control aware hot corner.

JAC Digital is a multi-mode application. You can choose whether it runs as:

  • a standard application, dock icon, standard menu bar, present in application switcher, dock menu, etc.
  • as an accessory application with an always visible system-wide menu (right-side of menu bar)
  • or even as both at the same time;
  • and you can change your preference at any time without any 'please restart' messages!

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JAC, JAC Digital’s sibling, includes some fun 'Christmas bauble' designs; in a similar vein JAC Digital includes some faux wood and marble designs for those occasions where a little more bling is desired.

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Should your need to know the time be for business, or to keep in contact with family & friends around the world, JAC Digital will deliver without fuss.