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iThoughtsX Review – Classic Mind Mapping Application for Mac

IThoughtsX is a mind mapping app for the Mac. It is based upon and fully compatible with iThoughts for iOS. Mindmapping enables you to visually organize your thoughts, ideas and information. IThoughtsは、iPhone/iPod touch/iPad用マインドマップ作成ソフトである。 iPad用にはiThoughts HDがある。有料(価格:900円)。 iThoughtsを使うと、放射状に語句を連ねていくマインドマップの特性から、全体像が捉えやすく、考えやアイデアをまとめやすい。 PC用ファ.


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iThoughtsX is a Mac mind mapping application which is based on and fully compatible with iOS iThoughts. It is provided by Craig Scott under an entrepreneur named ToketaWare in the UK. For sure, it is one of the easiest mind mapping application in Apple (Mac) store. iThoughtsX is widely used in ideas generation, note-taking and presentation for both private and public uses. The themes of this app are different from other colorful one but more likely to the simple style. Different language could be supported which are consist of Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean.

Operating System

iThoughtsX is a Mac application while for iOS and Windows users, IThoughts OS and Windows version will support in use.

Price Setting

If you buy this product at the Apple store, you should purchase $49.99. It is the same price under the ToketaWare official site. For people who own windows or Mac version, you can get a 70% discount on the other version. For iOS app users, a 20% discount is prepared for you on each PC version. While potential users for two more licenses can get a 30% bulk discount on the PC version. Besides, there is a 50% discount for students in education and a 30% discount for the non-profit organization.

Main Features

  • Cloud synchronization
  • Powerful Import and Export function
  • Flexible Topic Attributes
  • Task Management with email task reports
  • Over 100 built-in icons
  • More than 90 clip arts
  • Around 35 background canvas patterns
  • Presentation mode
  • Compressed Layout Option
  • Password for privacy
  • The quick search within mind maps


The interface of iThoughtsX is quite simple with only 5 function icons on the left side of the ribbon. The middle of the iThoughtsX ribbon is its saving function while the right side is six formatting functions. Quick Filter function performs well in searching for what you need. The canvas is large enough for large mind maps.

Pros & Cons



  • Solarized color scheme.
  • Password protected mind maps.
  • Ability to Sync with Apple mobile devices.


  • The user interface is not that polished.
  • Difficult to navigate to some functions.
  • Fewer functions could be found easily in the ribbon which is difficult to find.

Padlet. Although iThoughtsX is not cheap, it provides quite powerful functions which are definitely worth it. If flexibility with different formats of files is required, this software is a great option. And if you like sharing details with your friends via email, you do not miss this collaboration mind mapping tool by sending customized themes to them.