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For example, if you have a Notes widget, you can choose which notes are viewable from the Home screen on your widget. Widget Recommendations: Our Favorite iOS Widgets So Far. Widgets only came to iOS with the release of the iOS 14 beta, so the selection will remain limited until more third-party developers get around to creating their own. Instarate Widget For Itunes 1.2 Download For Mac. 1/4/2019 0 Comments Itunes 1.2 Download; ITunes is one of the most popular and used Apple programs; from this program we can download music, videos, book, apps, and even buy Apple merchandise. Without a doubt, having the iTunes app on your iPhone is essential, and that is why we will now show.

Want to get more out of your iTunes? Did you know your iTunes can be an alarm clock, a sleep timer, radio music store, a karaoke machine? By using Yahoo widgets, you can turn all of these to reality in minutes. They are simple, fast applications which can run on your desktop and also provide more of the functionality which is available in iTunes itself. With using Yahoo widgets, you can turn all these to reality in few minutes. Yahoo widget can bring more to your Mac or Windows desktop over 4000 widgets. Check out all widgets of yahoo for iTunes, and hope you find it helpful.

Part 1. Top 5 iTunes Widgets from Yahoo

1. iTunes Alarm Clock

Are you bored of the stupid Alarm buzzling Clock? No worry, just turn on your iTunes into sound Alarm clock by playing your favourite music and you’ll get personalize alarm. Try out iTunes Alarm Clock widget which is also a yahoo widget. Alarm clock is use to wake you up and give u alert of your event and reminds you. Within app preferences you can set the alarm by choosing any song from your playlist and play in specified volume you want. Your alarm clock is free which can turn your iPhone into beautiful digital clock with adding additional features like displays live, shows local weather conditions and temperatures if you want to immediately want to know the weather when you wake up. Along with this, you can also use a seamless change in playlist from one list to another with changing the mood at specific time. The app is extremely simple and useful. Download iTunes Alarm Clock .

2. iTunes Bar

iTunes Bar is the small yahoo widget that is developed for the Yahoo Widget Engine platform that allows direct control on your desktop. Yahoo widget from iTunes Bar is simple and adds a taskbar to your desktop which allows you to have a control of iTunes without opening the application. Whenever you start iTunes bar, an app will display with a particular track artwork. Here you will find a bar that will display track name and singer. You can turn volume high to low as per your convenience, change songs, shuffle tunes, and access your playlist and much more. It doesn’t interrupt your ongoing activity on computer.

The frame of the bar can be moved to any position on the screen with the help of mouse cursor. It’s also possible to pause the current stream and play the next and previous song. Secondary rectangular window is also shown in parallel which you can hide as it shows the current songs art. You can select the skin for the GUI. Additionally you can disable the text scrolling, chose a field separator and hide Meta data.

iTunes Bar is very light on the system resources and has a good response time with no freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Download iTunes Bar

3. iTunes Radio Lover

Instarate widget for itunes player

Music Lovers, whenever you are listening to any iTunes Radio and want to know the detailed information like music title, album author and link to buy it on iTunes store, you can use this iTunes Radio within Yahoo widget for iTunes. This widget displays the headlines and covers all current compositions on iTunes. If you want to acquire this composition on iTunes just you need to click on Widget menu and you’ll get to the website from where you can purchase it. The widget design is very stylish with simple menu of controls. You can easily understand this widget without any difficulties and you can arrange the widget to any convenient place to your desktop. Download iTunes Radio Lover.

4. iTunes Companion

Finding the album art for all those songs is very time consuming unless you have purchased a track in iTunes. But by using iTunes Companion you will get all your issue resolved. It wills analyses songs that you are playing and will automatically finds its album art on Here there is option for drag and drop that works very beautifully. The app has a song lyrics features as all the content can be quickly downloaded into your iTunes library. Lyrics can be display on iPod if the lyrics are embedded to the song before you copy to your iPod. Links of the songs will allow you to download songs to your hard drive and all images that you have found will also be automatically saved on your hard drive. Download iTunes Companion

5. iTunes Sleep Timer

iTunes Sleep Timer is also a Yahoo Widget with a light-weighted tool that is helpful for the users of iTunes. The users who require adding sleep functionality on their favourite music player, for them they have designed automatically stop playback after a predefined time interval. The Widget will enable you to enter the desired time interval and allow you to change the font that is used for the timer window. iTunes Sleep Timer can easily fades the volume to zero before pausing the playback, unlike other tools which can simply stop the song. Overall we can say that iTunes Sleep Timer is a very useful tool used for stopping the iTunes playback. If you want to use this feature than download the latest version. Download iTunes Sleep Timer .

Instarate Widget For Itunes Player

Part 2. How to Install iTunes Widget from Yahoo

Instarate widget for itunes downloadWidgetInstaRate

Instarate Widget For Itunes Download


Yahoo Widgets are small but flexible application or platform for you to bring all things to your Mac or Windows desktop. Developers can easily make their own iTunes widgets with using easy and simple started tools. But if you are general users, you have to only download the widget and install them by using simple steps like normal applications. The widget will provide you the wide range which is not limited to any finance, calendar, game, music and on. Also you would be shocked to hear that it’s all free. Painnt.

Steps to install iTunes widget

  • 1. Double click on the downloaded *.widget file (If system prompts if there is no application to open for you)
  • 2. Right click on the setting button on Yahoo Widget dock and select open widget
  • 3. Choose the widget that you want to launch
  • Instarate Widget For Itunes Store

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