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  1. Install Disk Creator Mojave
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This is a more convent and less time consuming way to install OS X El Capitan on multiple machines, gives you a handy emergency disk, and enables a fresh OS X install. Steps Part 1 of 3. Install Disk Creator is a very straightforward application that aims to simplify the process of generating a bootable disk that can be used to easily install macOS on any machine. While this task.

  1. What is Install Disk Creator for Mac Install Disk Creator turns a USB stick or other media into a bootable macOS installer. This is useful for doing a clean install (which is recommendable to do every 6 months or so), or for keeping a reusable installer handy to use on other machines. What's new in Install Disk Creator.
  2. Get the Install Disk Creator. Once you get the Install Disk Creator, just open it, and you will see the window as shown in the below image. Here you need to select the Installer file that we already downloaded. After choosing the Installer just click on Create Installer and it will do the task for you.

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I see a few posts online with people using Install Disk Creator to make bootable install USB keys for re installing OSX, complaining that the key they made doesnt work! Mic suppression for pc download.

..but I see very few posts offering this very simple piece of advice to people who find the USB they made isnt working.

Install Disk Creator Mojave

the program itself is VERY simple to use, you simply select the USB key you want to use (must be 8GB or bigger) and then point the program to the installer .app you want it to use, then just click 'create'

Install Disk Creator

simple enough, but if the installer .app you point it to isn't in the applications folder often the USB key you make wont work as it should.

Install Disk Creator Download

I tried making an installer key with the .app on a network drive and on the desktop, and on both occasions it wouldn't work when I tried to boot from it.

When I used Install Disk Creator to create a bootable USB key installer, and asked it to access an OSX .app installer I was storing in my applications folder - bingo! works!

hope this helps..

Posted on Jan 11, 2019 6:42 AM