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Transfers its heavy operations on background threads, keeping the user experience as fluid as can be. Graphically clever, the application respects the original design of color distribution for 'standard' icons, just adapting the color hue. Also has a series in development for 8-12 year olds turning on the very French theme of baking, with the participation of a famous pastry chef. As well as a short format series for.

Colorize file icons based on their tags, making it much easier to sort through folders and documents, with this nifty, easy-to-use app

Hue Dada colors your icons according to their tag. Drag-and-drop any Finder item onto the Hue Dada icon in the menu bar to colorize it according to its tag. Any tag change will adjust the color of the previously dropped item without further intervention. By San-Antonio, unknown edition, Hooray! You've discovered a title that's missing from our library.Can you help donate a copy?

What's new in Hue Dada ! 1.9.8:

Hue dada studio
  • Security is increased, as Hue Dada ! now runs with a hardened runtime, in macOS. Code base has moved to Swift 5.0.
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Placing your files into neatly organized categories is all well and good, but, even if you use Finder tags, there is no way to make folders or documents stand out so you can easily pick them out from a large number of similar items.

Hue Dada ! comes with an interesting solution, as it can colorize file icons depending on their tags, and all you need to do is drop them onto the app’s menu bar icon.

Innovative method of organizing your folders and documents

When it comes down to it, Hue Dada ! is a very simple app, but it can prove to be immensely helpful. Nearly identical folders become much more distinct, and you will no longer have to search for certain items, as a single glance is enough to spot them.

Of course, not all files are suitable for colorization, as it will be difficult to notice a change after processing images, videos or certain PDF files.


Easy-to-use app that tracks colorized items automatically


Hue Dada ! rests in the menu bar after it is installed, and you can drop any files or folders onto the status bar icon to make them more distinct. If multiple tags are applied to the same item, the most recent one will be taken into consideration.

Once a file has been colorized, the application continues to track it, so its color will be modified whenever the tag is changed.

Unfortunately, only one file at a time can be processed, so tagging a large number of icons is not a particularly speedy operation.

Useful application that could be improved in a few respects

Also, there is no way to reset all modified icons to their default states without removing their tags, which may have been in use before the application was installed. Discord messenger for mac.

To conclude, Hue Dada ! offers an innovative method of organizing your documents and folders, but it needs a couple of extra features, as it is currently not possible to colorize multiple items at once or reset icons to their default states without removing their tags.

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Hue Dada ! 1.9.8

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