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a person who thrives on power or rank yet has the mental capacity of a sponge or less than people they are trying to educate
when i was at work today i was talking to the boss, i asked a simple question and three hours later after talking smack i was left more confused than before, he was being a real hiri!!

HIRI members are as diverse as our offerings. With over 80 active company memberships (resulting in 1,500 individual members), our members include industry manufacturers, suppliers, publishers, technology firms and financial institutions, associations. Customer Feedback for Hiri. Add a new product idea or vote on an existing idea using the Hiri customer feedback form. One of the highlights of the Hiri Moale Festival is the Hanenamo contest, which is more than a beauty pageant, with contestants judged on their traditional costumes, gracefulness while dancing, and the strength and clarity of their 'the boats are coming in' yell that would traditionally be shouted from the mountaintop lookouts. Hiri is a new job board platform for Northern Ireland designed to make hiring and getting hired better. We take your privacy seriously. This article describes the relationship between you, Hiri and your privacy. From day one, we understood that privacy was a key concern for our users, and we aim to be open and honest about the data we collect and how it is used.

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Human resources information system hris

You can use Hiri to connect to Exchange, Office365, or a Microsoft email account (Outlook.com, Live, Hotmail). Other email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc are currently not supported.

Installation instructions


Hiring Decision

Download the setup executable from the link above and run it. Simply follow the wizard to install the application.


  • On older versions of Windows (7, 8), if Hiri doesn't start, you might need to download and install Update for Universal C Runtime.
  • All versions of Windows from Windows 7 onwards are supported by Hiri.


Installing snap package

If your system supports snap, the easiest way to install Hiri is:

sudo snap install hiri

Start Hiri by typing hiri on the terminal or using the desktop launcher.

Step-by-step instructions for installing Hiri snap

Installing from tarball


Download the tarball and extract it somewhere in your system. Open a terminal and navigate to the folder where you unpacked Hiri. Start Hiri with:


To start Hiri more easily, you can also create a desktop entry from Hiri by going to: SettingsGeneralCreate desktop entry. From then on, Hiri will appear in your launcher.


You'll first need to enable launching apps downloaded from the Web. Go to Privacy & SecurityAllow applications downloaded from, select Anywhere.

Download the DMG package from this page. Open the package and drag Hiri into the Applications folder. Once it is installed, you can launch it from Spotlight.

Note: if the application doesn't start the first time you click on it, you might have to right click on it in Applications and select Open. Wowmatrix.

Supported mail servers

Hiri works with Exchange servers (on-premise, Office365, Outlook.com, Live, Hotmail). All versions from Exchange 2010 SP1 and onwards are supported. Hiri doesn't work with other email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Hiring Our Heroes

What's new?

The complete list of changes for the latest version can be found here.


You can trial a full version of Hiri for 7 days. After the trial period is up, you'll have to purchase Hiri to continue using it. See pricing page for more info on purchasing.

Hiring Immediately

The full license text can be found here.